Preparing and delivering an effective product demo presentation is essential to impressing potential buyers and investors.

Your product demo presentation can be the deciding factor in whether or not you land that big deal.

Don’t worry — here are some tips to nail it.

First, what’s a product demo?

In plain terms, a product demo is a detailed presentation of how a product works. People in the startup world often use it to showcase new software or tech products.

Basically, salespeople use these presentations to demonstrate a new product; how it works, its features, and how it benefits potential customers.

If you want to your customer to be hyped about your new product, you need to show why it’s unique and better than others. This is how you close the sale.

4 Tips for a Winning Product Demo Presentation

1Research and prepare

Firstly, you can’t go into a presentation in front of everyone without preparation. It’s the key to a successful product demo presentation.

Know exactly who you will meet and how you’ll prepare your demo for that particular audience.

Make sure you highlight the customers’ problems, how this product solves them, and the benefits.

2Value props

Secondly, after the overview of your product, state your value propositions.

What value is your customer getting when they use this product? How will it make their life easier? What is the ultimate goal with this product?

Your value propositions should be clear, concise, and tailored to your audience.

3Five minutes

Thirdly, if you can’t sell it in five minutes, why would you spend an hour trying to explain a product demo presentation?

Don’t bother with introductions or the plan, and stay away from the small talk. Don’t waste time. Get straight to the point of the product, its functions, benefits, value, and how it solves the customer’s problem.

If you’re 20 slides deep into a presentation — scrap it.

4Make it memorable

Finally, storytelling can capture your audience’s attention and make your product demo presentation memorable.

After all, people love stories. Stories are a great way to connect with your audience emotionally and make complex topics more relatable.

When you can make an emotional connection with your audience, they’re more likely to remember it. Visuals, exciting stats, or something unexpected go a long way to make an impression. But, remember, keep it short and relevant.

To wrap up, this is how you’ll nail your next product demo presentation and swoon your audience. If you have product-market fit and it’s something people will want to buy, you’re on your way to success.

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