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Since 2015, I have bought and sold three private jets. I have received both criticism and admiration for making such a huge purchase. They are certainly a bigger financial burden than a luxury car or Hublot. But at the end of the day, is a private jet an asset or a liability? 

This is my experience with private aircraft. After reading this, let me know what you think.

The Cost is Ridiculous

There is no sugarcoating it, buying a private jet is a ludicrous amount of money. When I first approached my accountant about buying my Gulfstream G550, I was advised there was absolutely no making sense of this type of investment. 

However, here is a philosophy of mine,

“when someone tells you that you are doing too much, that is probably an indication that you should do it.”

– Grant Cardone

So, I went ahead and bought the plane– with my wife Elena’s blessing, by the way– and I learned what owning a private jet really meant for me. 

Expense Versus Expansion 

When it comes to whether a private jet is an asset or a liability, the real dilemma is the expense of maintaining it or if it can expand your business. How you use this machine will determine its value for you. 

This is especially true when you consider that NOTHING is more powerful than a face-to-face meeting. 


Several years ago, such an opportunity was only possible because I had a private jet. I had heard that Daymond John was in Miami and could not get a flight to Las Vegas. I immediately made several phone calls to clients to make my trip there make sense, then offered a ride to Daymond on my G550. 

The Shark Tank star took me up on my offer. On that trip, he and I formed a relationship that continues to this day. John regularly speaks at my 10X Growth Conference. This would have never happened without my private jet. I can’t even calculate the worth of that connection. 

Previous to buying any of my jets, I had flown over 3 million miles commercially. I know how draining it is to worry about connecting flights, other passengers, and the overall ups and downs of going to the airport. That alone would make me see a private jet as an asset. But those reasons are superficial when you consider the monstrous opportunities one can provide you. So my conclusive opinion is that private jets are assets if you use them as I do.

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Be Great,

Grant Cardone  

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  1. I’ve flown commercially a few times. But, never for business. I know besides being super convenient, it is more expensive than any other form of transportation. But there is that flair and grandeur of landing somewhere like a hero in your own private jet or helicopter that you can’t get anywhere else. It speaks volumes about your own personal worth, and shows others that you are not scared to push harder. I completely understand why you would do this. Showing off is not always a bad thing. Bravo.

  2. Grant, I would like to think you for your many shows or pod cast that you have had. I continue to always want to hear your business advice in the industry that you have created your company. The real estate industry whether commercial and or residential l is where I do continue to be a part of.

    I have to say my personal thoughts of the corporate/ private business jet industry are positive. I myself come from the commercial airline side of the Aviation Industry. So, when I see business, entertainment and wealthy individuals purchase corporate business jets they are tools to help you with the business. Period!!! Cars are the same business you need to cars to get to a meeting well the same for the corporate jets.

    Please continue to take care of your asset that is beautiful to have to get to all your important meetings to make money in your business. and continued success to you and your family.


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