To kickstart my new weekly series called Sales Secrets, I’ll be tackling one of the biggest client objections — “the price is too high.”

Are you sick and tired of having to deal with price objections and lying customers in sales?

How many times have you worked so hard and spent hours — even days — on your presentation just to get hit with:

“Sorry, the price is too high.”

Every salesperson I know has faced this frustrating objection in their career.

But now, you’re gonna learn how to handle it like a master.

How to handle clients saying the price is too high

1Always agree first

Agree, agree, and agree. Because the moment you disagree with a customer, you will make them get solid on their viewpoint, which will make convincing them that much harder.

Validate their viewpoint first. Watch how by doing so you’ll open the door for them to hear what you have to say.


Customer says: Your prices are a little bit too high.

You say: I completely understand. In fact, I knew the prices were too high before I told them to you…

2They’re lying

I’m sure you’d agree with me on this one — prospects lie all the time. 

The “price is too high” thing is usually just a smokescreen to some other objection.

Ask the right questions and dig deeper to uncover the real objection.


You say: Besides the price being too high, is there any other reason why we couldn’t get a deal done today?

You see, very often it’s not a price objection. It’s actually a value objection. They just can’t say to your face, “Hey, I don’t think what you’re selling is worth what you’re asking for.”

So, it’s your job to build the value in their eyes and show them why buying from you makes sense and it’s worth the investment.

To handle objections like a pro and learn all my sales secrets and strategies, book a call with my team to access my industry-leading training platform, Cardone University.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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