Veteran Day Trader and Host of Market Maker, Stephen Kalayjian Identified Future Declines Using KnowVera, His Proprietary Pattern Recognition Software Miami Beach, FL — September 18,2015 — Stephen Kalayjian, host of Market Maker on Grant Cardone TV and co-founder of KnowVera, a financial tech company that provides the industry’s easiest yet most powerful algorithmic trading tool available, saw the recent market downfall coming using his cutting edge technology. As a professional trader with over 30 years experience, Kalayjian began to observe patterns in his recognition software in May 2015 and started discussing the market drop publicly. During his May 5th episode of Market Maker Stephen states that, “If I was a long-term investor I would be looking to go into cash.” On May 29th, during another Market Maker episode Stephen stated, “Once we got the pullback the market reversed and shot right back up above the 2120 level, however, I believe this is just an oversold bounce and that the gaps below will be filled down to 16100. I am not bullish here.” On July 7th, during another Market Maker episode Stephen stated, “The markets need to fill the gaps below all the way down to 16100. I think in the next 6-8 weeks the markets should decline.” During one of his latest shows, “75% Chance the lows are in for the year,” Stephen explains, “I am 75%-80% certain that the lows are in for the year at 15379.” Prior to the Federal Reserve releasing the minutes for the September meeting, Stephen stated, “I do not expect interest rates to be hiked in this meeting. I have been saying since January that the rates would not be increased in 2015. Interest rates have not been increased in over nine years. The weak retail sales for August, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers that are not showing significant economic growth, increased volatility in the equity markets, and the request by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to raise interest rates lead me to this conclusion.” Thus correctly predicting the Federal Reserve’s decision on September 17, 2015, to not raise interest rates. Stephen Kalayjian is one of the world’s leading day traders with actual on-the-floor experience trading in equities, commodities, currencies, bonds, and options. He has traded nearly two billion shares in equity markets and during a period of nine and a half to ten years Steve did not have a losing month or a losing year. He was also one of the first people to get a line of credit of up to one billion dollars daily for his firm. Stephen put this working knowledge directly into his creation, KnowVera. Kalayjian didn’t grow up with a crystal ball and describes his humble beginnings growing up being “piss poor” on Grant Cardone’s show Confessions of an Entrepreneur. Stephen owned only two pair of corduroy pants, one pair of sneakers, and would cringe when he saw there would be rain that day as his feet would be soaked due to the hole in his shoe. His father had succeeded in landing him an entry-level job on the American Stock Exchange floor. He was fetching lunches for traders, picking up dry cleaning, and doing anything he could to become an integral part of the daily life of the business. Today, Kalayjian lives and works in New York and is now making his market intelligence software available to consumers via When asked what he expects next in the market Kalayjian replied, “Tune into Market Maker for the latest insights. I call it as I see it.” You can find Market Maker here: Steve created a course called Pattern Recognition 101. Pattern Recognition 101 consists of 40+ videos, KnowVera’s own proprietary charting application, live weekly classes and live trade rooms. The software is designed to be used by day traders, intermediate term/swing traders, and long-term investors. Steve teaches how by using his software one can capture patterns and stay on the right side of the market. About KnowVera Leaders in generating new trading ideas, KnowVera utilizes leading edge technology and expert service to deliver superior market intelligence and exceptional trading results. Since 2006, KnowVera executives, led by recognized industry experts, have been providing market research and commentary. Their proprietary algorithmic trading platform, allows traders to create, test and execute an unlimited number of technical and quantitative trading strategies, not in weeks with a team of PhDs, but in minutes or hours. 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