HOW TO PREPARE FOR A BUSINESS CONFERENCE In any given year, you may plan on attending several business conferences. Business conferences are a great way to spark creativity and innovation, provide yourself with education, have in person networking, and market to potential clients. Currently Nikos Computer Engineering is preparing for the 10X Growth Con, as many of you are doing as well. The idea is to get as much return as possible for your investment, and make the most out of your business conference by preparing in advance. Here are some ways that we prepare for a business conference. HAVE AN OPEN SCHEDULE FOR THAT TIME It is very important to have a clear schedule for the time period of your conferences. Naturally, you will need to take some calls, and remain present with your current prospective clients, but do not have work that you need to complete while at your business conference. Ensure that while you are absent, the work that can be delegated has been and that you have completed enough to allow yourself to have a clear mind. HAVING PROPER BRAND MATERIALS Ensure that your brand materials are ordered, and ready to go with you to the conference. Depending on what your conference allows and provides you with may determine what you need to have ready. 10X Growth Con doesn’t appear to be providing name tags this year, we believe they are providing wrist bands. Therefore, Nikos Computer Engineering will be wearing their own nametags. This is important, for obvious reasons. Let people know who you are! This may spark conversations with people in lines or while walking. Also ensure your business cards are updated and that you have more than enough to hand out. We recommend taking 500 cards. 10X Growth Con is expecting to have 9,000 people attending. You may want to consider having a creative way to get people to interact with you while at the conference, potentially something to promote or walk around with at the conference. Nikos Computer Engineering currently has something in the works we will be telling you about soon. HAVE AN ELEVATOR SPEECH READY Some people call this a pitch, ice breakers, or conversations starters. Have a speech prepared and ready for when you meet an individual. Who you are. What your business does and how you help small businesses. Always end with a question in elevator speeches. Like, what kind of business do you have? Or, Will you call me if you have a need for my kind of business? That last one is a good one, write that down! Also, be prepared to ask questions about other people and their business. Rehearse this if you have to, but be ready for it. HAVE THE PROPER EQUIPMENT This includes having the proper attire for your conference. Keep comfort in mind, but also be a good representation for your business. Have plenty of writing materials such as pens and notebook paper. Ensure you have all your technology equipment. Chargers with any kind of access to power, because you never know when your technology may need a power boost. Be prepared for that. I will also include in this having the proper travel technology. I always have the app for the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), to check security wait times and you can do security pre check on here to save time in the line. Always have the app for your flight company, this keeps you on track and usually allows you to do early check in. Your transportation apps need to be ready to go like Uber and Lyft. Use those promo codes if you can get them. Also, generally speaking conferences usually have apps which include session times and schedules. 10X Growth Con has one which we will get into in another article. SOCIAL MEDIA Last point, be prepared to use social media while at your conference. Whether this means documenting your time spent at the conference with live video or pictures or having someone in place to manage your social media while you are away. Always consider and make a plan as to how you are going to still continue to use social media while at your business conference. Finally, have fun. Go in with an open mind to learn, build relationships, and gain knowledge. I hope these tips help you make the most of your next conference. Tim Clark is the founder of Nikos Computer Engineering and is a Certified Amazon Web Services Developer and Solutions Architect. Nikos utilizes AWS to develop software solutions for small businesses using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding. To learn more and to get started visit http://nikosce.comAlso like and follow us on social media. Nikos Computer Engineering   Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:  
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