Powerful Leadership Mojo!

You can get everything you want when you become a POWERFUL Leader. Trevor Crane interviews Jack Lannom about what REALLY makes people successful: putting People First. As Jack breaks a brick with his bare hands… he’ll give you One Key Principle that will change your life. Jack Lannom is the CEO of People First International, he is also an Author, Leadership Success Trainer, and Master Martial artist, holding black belts in six styles of Kung Fu, as well as holding a World Record for breaking 3150 pounds of ice with a single strike. For more than 35 years, Jack Lannom has introduced transformational learning and leadership tools and strategies for individual and organizational success. People First International provides leaders with the best business practices for creating outrageously engaged, high-performance corporate cultures! His time-tested system will: • Empower leaders to produce results • Increase profits • Leverage the full potential of all employees • Attract and retain the very best people …ultimately making your competition IRRELEVANT! To receive a Transformational Training THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE… You can signup for his FREE Webinar at: www.GreatnessQuest.com/PeopleFirst


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