Pitbull AKA Armando Christian Pérez

At 10X Growth Conference 2021, Armando Christian Pérez AKA Pitbull shared challenges, lessons, and business insights from his journey to becoming ‘Mr. Worldwide’. But what’s the real secret to his international, multi-industry success?

Grammy award-winning artist. NASCAR Cup Series team co-owner. Beverage business founder. What can Pitbull not do?

Although most people associate Mr. Worldwide with chart-topping music success, he’s an accomplished entrepreneur with bulletproof motivation to dominate.

Now, let me explain the real reason why he’s so successful in so many areas.

Pitbull has the business mindset of a leader

When he came to speak at my 10X Growth Conference last year, Armando Christian Pérez made one thing very clear:

In entertainment, business, marketing, and beyond — HE is a monster leader.

And in our conversation, he revealed the exact leadership mindset and action steps he took to get there.

Create your own luck

While some wait for luck to come around and make them successful, Pitbull goes out there and works for it.

“When people run up on me and say, ‘You so lucky, Chico!’, I say, ‘You know what’s funny? The harder I work, the luckier I get.'”

Throughout his career, he has admitted that nothing worthwhile in life is easy — but that all the hard work pays off.

Get your circle right

If you don’t surround yourself with high-performing and big-thinking people, you’re not gonna get to where you need to be.

Complacency is the cousin of death.”

Armando knows that you need people who believe in the same fight, goals, and vision.

Appreciate everyone

He also knows that you need to be grateful for your team and respect every person you interact with. For Mr. 305, this means leading by example and putting in the actual work together with your team.

“You can’t run a business like a boss, you gotta run a business like a leader.”

Ultimately, Pitbull’s massive level of success wouldn’t be possible without this powerful mindset.

Listen to industry greats, study their mindset, and go out and dominate.

For more perspective-shifting motivation from celebrity speakers like Pitbull, join me at 10X Growth Conference 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reserve your seat while you still can to enjoy the world-class conference from the comfort of your own home.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

Featured image source: Pitbull Official Instagram Page


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