Grant Cardone phone sales secret

To close a new lead every single time, tons of salespeople forget to implement this phone sales secret that ensures every call ends in a close.

I’m going to let you in on the #1 secret to phone sales that will help you consistently close every day. It’s something that so many sales teams don’t do, and companies are losing big time because of it.

Ever since I built my team, I wanted to make sure they were always on top of their sales game no matter what. So, I designed a system that helps them first thing in the morning.

It only takes about 24 minutes to complete, brushes up on their skills, and sets them up for phone sales success.

My phone sales secret — role-playing

I recommend role-playing every day.


Because If it’s worth doing one day, it’s worth doing every day.

Guess how long it takes for a salesperson to get rusty? One day. Sometimes as quickly as 12 hours!

That’s why my team practices with each other every day at 8:40 AM so they are fully prepared to handle objections and hit their sales targets.

Common objections

There are only 4 things people object to:

  • Price
  • Time
  • Stall
  • Product

Ask the person on the other line:

“Hey, what do you not believe about what we’re selling?”

Role-playing will change your phone sales game. Every day, the role-play training has helped my team stay focused and contributed to my sales team’s production.

Phone sales script

Let’s break down a quick conversation with a potential phone client. It could look something like this:

Salesperson: “[Their name], Grant Cardone’s Office, how’re you doing this morning?”

Prospect: “Hey man, what’s up?”

Salesperson: “Hey, listen, Grant wanted me to reach out and give you access to the number-one sales training program in the world. You got two minutes?”

Prospect: “Yeah, I’m not interested in that.”

Salesperson: “I knew you were before. I called you, but I want to get you access to it to use it before we talk. You got a couple of minutes, and I can give you access?”

Prospect: “Call me back in two weeks.”

Salesperson: “Done! I’ll call you back in two weeks, but if you give me 30 seconds, I want you to know what I’m gonna call you back about. Jump in front of a computer, go to”

Prospect: “I just don’t have time right now.”

Salesperson: “I know you don’t. You got 15 seconds?”

Prospect: “Okay…”

Salesperson: “Good. Go to”

You just read a real conversation between my sales team and phone prospects. It’s the same thing all the time. So predictive that we already know what the prospect is thinking and what they’ll say.

This is key — knowing the person on the other line so well that you know exactly how to handle the situation.

If you want to close on the phone without fail consistently, keep practicing. Role-playing does wonders for your sales team.


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