Trevor Crane and Pam Hendrickson Sneak Preview

The Ultimate Product Creation System. It’s Now Faster, Easier and More Profitable to Make, Market and Launch Your Product. If you’re looking for a simple way to set up and maximize your business (and connect your content, products and marketing in a way that gets predictable and sustainable results), then this episode of Greatness Quest is for you. Product Creation Expert, Pam Hendrickson has invested the last two years of her life to testing and refining the ultimate system to help you turn you ideas into real, lasting income. For over 18 years Pam worked in a dream job with Tony Robbins as Vice President of Content & Product Development at Robbins Research International Inc. She was part of building the company, and creating products, coaching programs and live events at a hands-on level. Pam recently reinvented her Make Market Launch IT Academy product. Which will help you create your first product, step by step—or maximize the one you already have. You’ll discover how to determine your core avatar, how to make an offer that really entices your audience, how to leverage your time so you’re working on what you really love to do, and how to create a world-class product or service. Now, that’s a very small list of what this program can do for you. You can discover more here, and download a free copy of Pam’s new book: Go to:


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