Thursday, June 30th, the Overtown Youth Center experienced a 10X day at our team’s headquarters in Aventura, Florida. Hosted by the Grant Cardone Foundation, the event included a complete office tour, inspirational presentations from our top executives, and must-know insights from 10X Kids University.

What better way to wrap up the month than with a mutually inspiring experience at our very own HQ?

Last week, our team was honored to welcome the bright students from the Overtown Youth Center (OYC) to our offices.

As a purpose-driven organization, OYC focuses on empowering at-risk youth from highly underserved South Florida neighborhoods.

With values such as lifelong learning and building prosperous communities, we strongly resonate with their mission of creating exposure and enrichment opportunities for young adults.

As a result, our team was excited to host a day full of knowledge, motivation, and inspiration for 45 OYC students and staff.

In addition to seeing all the departments at 10X HQ, the young men and women enjoyed powerful presentations from our executive team.

President Jarrod Glandt accentuated the importance of setting audacious goals and taking massive action to achieve them. On the other hand, COO Sheri Hamilton highlighted the powerful yet often overlooked strategy of 10X-ing whatever resources are available.

However, what did the students and staff from OYC have to say about their day at 10X HQ?

Major insights, massive action: Overtown Youth Center @ 10X Headquarters

When describing her experience at 10X HQ as an Overtown Youth Center Program Coordinator, Taizha Howell says it “enlightens and motives [her] to go harder for these kids.”

As for the students who spent an activity-filled day at our offices, their key takeaways included:

  • You have to set your mind on the goals you have for your future. Make sure you know exactly what you need to do to get to those goals, capitalize on them, and you’ll probably help other people along the way with that information.” — Cassidy Riley
  • Don’t let others bring you down. Instead, have that encourage you to go further.” — Uriah Eduard
  • You need to be very specific on your goals so you can achieve what you want in life.” — Alana Johnson

We look forward to seeing the students from Overtown Youth Center set big goals, leverage their resources, and create long-lasting legacies.

Here’s to their continued success!

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