To grow as a leader, your #1 priority needs to be non-stop 10X advancement. Period. But what do you have to do to make it happen?

You can’t create an amazing business with a culture of mediocrity. It just can’t happen. 

No great business was ever created for mediocrity — it was created for excellence.

To grow as a leader is to choose to be remarkable at what you do. And once you do, the whole team will be on board.

How to grow as a leader: the rubber band method

My greatest leadership mentor, John C. Maxwell, says that it’s your job to stretch their rubber band. The key to continuously grow as a leader is to stretch and stretch and stretch until you find that person you so desire to have.

“Growth stops when you lose the tension between where you are and where you can be.”

– John C. Maxwell on the Law of the Rubber Band

The people inside of your organization need to be as driven as you are. As willing to change and grow and learn

By stretching their rubber bands, you are setting an example for people that follow you. 

When you learn to stretch, and grow, and elevate your lid — and belief, and operational effectiveness, and leadership — you become an example to others. 

Stretch to dominate personal growth as a leader

It’s my passion to do that for my team. It’s my passion to do it for the entrepreneurs I serve and teach — that’s my true joy.

So, amplify, elevate, and stretch.

Amplify and elevate your thinking and awareness and being so that the things that you dream about — the things you’re inspired to do — you can do with a much more significant magnitude of impact. 

Just remember this: growth doesn’t happen in a day, but we choose to grow every day. It’s a process that happens over time.

Now, the choice is yours. You can be an average leader, or you can be obsessed with becoming a remarkable leader.

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