One of the most effective ways to position yourself as a thought leader is with a powerful online course, and that’s what I’ll show you how to put together in this ultimate guide.

I’ve always been passionate about providing knowledge and value through business training. In fact, I have an entire platform dedicated to it, with thousands of training segments to date — Cardone University.

My vision is to equip and inspire seven billion people around the world to live out their true potential. And training allows me to get closer to fulfilling it every day.

But what if you want to create your own digital classes to help others? Where do you even begin?

Before you get overwhelmed, go through my ultimate guide to online courses for all the action steps you need in the process.

Online Course Ultimate Guide: 5 Important Steps to Follow

1Reflect on the idea with honesty

You know I always tell you like it is, and this time is no exception. Long before you start recording, take a minute for some honest reflection.

Are you at the point in your career in which you talk the talk? In other words, have you already practiced what you wanna preach? Or will you be another useless ‘guru’ that ‘teaches’ people before they’ve even become successful?

These are hard questions to ask, but they’re necessary. Make sure you’ve lived, breathed, and eaten everything you want to share to help people.

2Identify your subject matter

Next, if you truly have what it takes to be of service, narrow down your area of expertise.

What unique insights, experience, and lessons have you learned within your industry?

Make a list with your most powerful resources. Then, connect the dots to reveal the common thread. That’s the most relevant topic for your class.

3Create the structure and content

By now, you should have done enough research on training modules to understand how they’re structured.

A great online course is systematic, easy to digest, and split into clear individual lessons.

Depending on your subject, divide your information into chapters or episodes, each with homework, highlights, and/or takeaways.

4Record the course

After that, shoot the video course content. While you can easily do this on your own, you can also stand out among other creators by recording with a professional video team.

Not only will your training content look great, but you’ll also be able to price your course accordingly.

5Publish and promote

It’s up to you to choose your platform. Depending on how strong your personal brand is, you can upload your course on your own site.

Alternatively, if you’re still building a name for yourself, you might want to look into a well-known commercial platform.

Regardless, once it’s up, that’s where the real work comes in. Promote, promote, promote your online course in any and every way available. Leverage social media, email marketing, word-of-mouth, and everything in between.

Finally, throughout the process, always keep your purpose and mission in mind. Give back, help others, and always share the very best tools and resources in your arsenal.

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