Off-market deals in real estate

If you want to survive in this insane real estate market, you need to get your hands on off-market deals. 

The classic rules you have been using to acquire real estate deals aren’t working.

There’s no way to buy low and sell high anymore. Deals today have ridiculously high listed prices. Then, the sellers will want to do an even higher off-market cash price on the deal. 

How do you invest in real estate like this and still come out in the black?

My Top 3 Strategies to Find Off-Market Deals

1Clarity and Cash Flow

First hack to finding off-market deals is you have to be crystal clear on the type of asset you are looking for. 

This is not some visualization exercise or setting a target. This is about researching the market you want to be in. You need to know the number of units you want and what neighborhood you want to be in.

Most importantly, you need to know the rents in this area like the back of your hand. That way you understand how much money you can pay for a deal so it is still profitable. 

This will help you build your foundation to handle hack number two. 

2Where is My Debt at?

After you do your homework, the second hack to scoring these off-market deals is knowing where your debt is coming from. 

It sounds backwards. But in this current real estate market you have to do things differently. However, having all the information on what you want laid out will make you credible to lenders. Then, lenders will be willing to help you with these deals once you find them. 

Once you have all the details of you deal ironed out and know what lenders will work with you, it’s time for the ultimate hack for finding off-market real estate deals. 

3Ultimate Off-Market Deal Hack: Go in as a Seller, Not a Buyer

Finally, here is the mac daddy of these hacks. I didn’t save it for last to build suspense. I did it this way because you need the two above to pull this off. 

Why? Credibility. 

When an off-market seller sees you know what their deal is worth, that instills confidence in you. Then you let them know you have the lender taken care of too. This builds trust in you more, because they know the bank is going to definitely pay them! 

People trust and like numbers. That is what the off-market deal seller is going to be attracted to. 

As you can see, these hacks for finding off-market deals have no short-cut.

You don’t want to get rich quick. You want to get rich for sure. 

For more hacks I’ve learned in over 30 years as an investor, register for my free Real Estate Live Training.

Be great and get those HUGE deals, on and off the market. 

Grant Cardone 


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