Not sure what business owners need to hear this today…

business owners

Yes, people like me make it look easy… 

But business is hard.

A lot of people underestimate just how hard it is.

Getting your first customer is a challenge.  It takes hustle.

When you’re starting out, you have to get your offer right.  You have to figure out how to sell.  And you have to get known.  

You also have to do everything yourself.

At this level, it seems impossible to hire someone.  But it’s impossible NOT to.  You can’t do it all yourself – and you don’t have the cash flow to hire anyone.

But somehow, we figure it out and get it done.

So, the new employee comes on.  And it takes weeks of more effort to get them trained up.

And the stress mounts – can we keep the ship afloat to pay these guys every single week?

It takes growing as a person to succeed.

Then hitting 7 figures… 8 figures… 9… 10…

Every level presents new problems.

When you hit 7 figures… and you have long since figured out how to cover payroll…  you have to start to pull back from the business – to empower others to do the work.  

And you have to do the hardest thing of all for an entrepreneur – you have to let go. 

Even though it’s your baby.

For some people – letting go of the tiny details of their business is even harder than letting go of their kids.  There’s comfort in hanging on to absolute control.

But if you want your business to scale, you have to trust your team.

Then, once you hit 8 figures, your skill set needs to change yet again.

It’s scary.  But it’s exhilarating too.  And you can’t let the stress wreck you.  

When you hit 9 and 10 figures, you’ll have to reinvent yourself again.

It’s a constant battle.

So, if you’re struggling to make it to the next level, don’t give up.

What’s hard today will seem easy tomorrow.  But you’ll always have challenges. 

Don’t fear them… or hate them… embrace them.

Keeping it real…

– Grant “Master Closer” Cardone

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