Hustle Illustration

I might make it look easy… But being a woman is hard!  Most women don’t celebrate their hustle.  We expect ourselves to be superhuman.

If you’re running a business, you might want to handle your own video production…

Deal with all your sales calls and follow-up

And file your own tax return.  

The work doesn’t stop when you leave the office.  

You need to do the laundry.  You need to prepare your kids’ mac and cheese. 

Then, you need to restock your empty cupboards.

It’s a lot!  

I once heard that when you have kids, you add 33 hours of extra work to your week.  It means – if you’re working full time – you’re likely hustling for 73+ hours every single week.

Researchers at Harvard found that CEOs of multi-billion-dollar companies work 62.5 hours per week, on average.

You don’t get to be CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company without hustling to make it.  

But these guys actually work 10.5 hours less than most working parents!

Like I said earlier, many women believe they must do everything. 

Guilt is one reason why women push themselves too hard.

Another reason is shame.  There’s also a third (and most important) reason, which you can solve… with a simple shift to your perspective. 

I know many women who would love to delegate cleaning, cooking, accounting, marketing, sales, etc. 

But they don’t.

This is a big mistake.  See, you can’t build an empire alone.  If you look back in history, you’ll see no person has ever single-handedly built an empire.

You need a team to build an empire.

Sure, you might save money by handling everything yourself.  But you make it practically impossible to expand. 

Think about it…

If you spend 2 hours per week on laundry, you are NOT growing your business during that time. 

But if you spent those 2 hours networking, you can grow your contact list.  And as Grant always says, “contacts equal contracts.

Is a contract worth more to you than the price of home help? 

The fact of the matter is, you have to let go at some point.  It isn’t always easy.  But if you get your mindset right, you’ll see that delegating is your only option.

If you struggle with the idea of letting go, here’s a little thought exercise:

First, pay attention to how you feel about delegating tasks at home and at work.

Do you mentally calculate how much it will cost you to delegate? 

If so, it’s because you see delegating as a liability… when it’s really an investment in your two most valuable assets: 

You and your time. 

When you delegate, you don’t waste money. You create time.  And time is what you need to expand your empire.

I used to handle everything myself.  I wore hustle like a badge of honor. 

But for all my hustle, I stayed small. 

Until I shifted my thinking and learned to delegate. 

Nowadays, I surround myself with talented people.  These people take on everything I should not handle myself. 

It’s scary.  But it’s liberating too. 

So how about it?  Try the thought exercise I shared with you and let’s start expanding your empire!

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone   

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