Do you know this funny story about Jeff Bezos?

Maybe not

His first “storage or distribution center” that was just 400 square feet. It was just the size of a one-car garage; and one of his partners said “I can’t understand why he is extremely enthusiastic” and Bezos didn’t know. There was no way to know how customers would respond to this kind of business facility.

He told the media that his parents would invest “a reasonably large fraction” of their life savings — over $300,000 — into their son’s dream. And it was pretty much faith. “My dad’s first question was… What’s the internet?!”

As we know, I love the way how Jeff Bezos finally came to his decision to continue with his business idea regardless this situation without worrying or regretting for the future results. If you want to be successful and you project yourself to have a great result with your business idea, you need to plan and execute it, and minimize the worrying or the number of possible regrets you might have it in the future, and you will achieve it

It’s the exact situation with Ecommerce, as long as you know how to pick up the right product to sell, but it is hard when you don’t know how to do it.

You can have a great website with a fancy domain, buy traffic, get a product you seem it will work, create the perfect Facebook video ad, but if your product sucks… There is no money, it will be a complete disaster and waste of time and money.

Our Cash Flow Experts

  • Gabriel Beltran
  • Giancarlo Barraza aka Coach Giani

The story of Alex McBride in Ecommerce is great.

Alex from Melbourne, Australia made $1 million in sales … in one single day. Wow! How did he do it?

Using Ecommerce

He is just 27 years old, the founder and director of the international lifestyle brand “The 5TH”.

The 5TH has become a global company, but at its heart, it is still a family company. It grew outward from McBride and van Riel, brothers and cousins making up most of the great successful in-house staff.

He started his business with unisex watches and extending to sunglasses, bags and journals, The 5TH has attracted the attention of thousands of customers online and the attention of the famous magazine Forbes, calling his business a “genius business model”, which just limits sales to five days a month.

He focused in one of the Social media platforms, by using his Instagram feeds to determine what their potential customers want to buy, and customize a product based on demand rather than the traditional approach, “I think this product will work”.

Based on this profitable experience and business model we use the same “business concept” through Facebook.

Why is the product so important to sell in ecommerce?

Because we select them based in demanding criteria:

  1. It needs more than 500,000 number of views
  2. It has to have at least more than 300 shared by buyers,
  3. It needs “excellent advertisement videos”; and
  4. It needs recent comments (less than 30 days).

(Literally millions of customers looking to buy a highly demanding product)

Why do we use Facebook, as a main platform to sell a great product in ecommerce?

First off, here are 5 reasons that Facebook will dominate e-commerce.

  1. Captive Audience: With Facebook we can select demographics of a selected country, age range, sex group, buying behavior and so on. Facebook is the social media of the billions now and more and more users will buy through this social network.
  1. Social Media Search: People mainly look for information in Google and many times feel overwhelmed by amount of information, but in Facebook, account members look for purchasing recommendations, choices, and sharing.
  1. Real and Virtual: Facebook has the ability to sell both virtual goods and physical products; and using virtual and real world currencies creates a powerful and amazing environment to merge the on and offline world.
  1. Seamlessness: Facebook platform has the ability to find, buy, share and be rewarded for what you buy and increase the need stay there. 
  1. Targeting: While many other advertisers look for different platforms to sell their products but without clarity, Facebook remains as the king social media by choosing captive audience, using great videos ads, designing the size of the ads and leveraging data.

Facebook faces 5 equally compelling challenges:

  1. Competition: There are at least a dozens of platforms designed purely for mobile consumers that might be ready to be the next Facebook.
  1. Saturation: With almost every possible connection between a person and product now covered within a single platform, Facebook users might feel overwhelmed by the advertising.
  1. Mobile: For some people, mobile might be seen as a great challenge for Facebook despite the purchase of Instagram, Karma and Glancee. But more sales are done by cell phones.

More users buy products online.

  1. Pollution: Facebook users “buy products using this platform” … And the more that Facebook co-opts that relatedness for commerce, the greater the risk that the connective tissue it rely on will atrophy.
  1. Shareholders: It is one thing to reinvent the way commerce is practiced and another to balance the competing demands of users and shareholders.

But regardless the above challenges, we made astonishing sales and are able to provide huge profits for our investors. We have a team and we know how to do it.

Example of our RESULTS: $ 1.06 MILLION a month in Dec 2017


#1 –Global Retail Ecommerce Sales Will Reach $4.5 Trillion by 2021


Cumulative data from Statista anticipates a 246.15% increase in worldwide ecommerce sales, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. That’s a nearly threefold lift in online revenue.

Numbers of that scale are often hard to wrap our heads around. They’re at once both energizing … and challenging.

How do you find these people? It’s all about Customer Behavior and data.

Customer Behavior let you know what they buy and which product is hot, and data help you make the right decision to select the right product in the right market an how to scale your advertising and Facebook does this for you. 

Facebook is a great place to find out what’s hot:

We use Facebook for marketing reasons mainly

We use Facebook for marketing reasons mainly

Trends and Customer Buyer behavior indicate a HUNGRY audience. People talk about trends and buy stuff related to trends. People in Facebook share trend-related products with their friends. If you hit on a killer product to sell related to a hot trend, there’s a good chance people will spread the word using Facebook.

Facebook is a great place to figure out what people want. In addition to finding crazy memes and conspiracy theorists, you can find some awesome products using Facebook and Shopify.

#2 – Make Money 24/7. How Sweet It Is!

There are NO geographical constraints using Facebook Ads. Our team will find the right product and do all the marketing for you, by targeting the best market, (USA now) and aiming the right audience for a better sales performance, to increase your return on your investment (ROI).

Example of our RESULTS on Dec 15, 2018: Sales $ 50,030 – Dec 2018

Our team creates a couple of Facebook Ads, and clones them into 20 or 30 more ones, according to data in Facebook along with some video ads and the correct information for the right audience and we…..

Test, Test, Test

Once we find “the winning ad” we escalate our budget. We first contact our supplier in China and we spend thousands of dollars in or marketing campaign to generate PROFITABLE revenue for our investors.

Example of our RESULTS on Nov 2017: Running our great Facebook Marketing Campaigns.

#3 – We Choose Hot Products In Facebook

We use our online store in Shopify and sell our hot products in Facebook.

How to find HOT products at Facebook – Video at Grant Cardone TV

Example of our RESULTS on HOT PRODUCT # XY1

We have a Product description and details, Video Ad, vendor link, etc. See picture below.

Example of our RESULTS on HOT PRODUCT # XY2

If you go on Amazon, and buy an easy and cheap product, and it is delivered in two days, that’s not a winning product to sell on Shopify.

Why not?

A product shouldn’t be easily purchasable. You don’t want someone thinking, “Oh that’s cool, I’ll go get one at Wal-Mart.”

You want them thinking, “Holy crap, I need that, and this is probably the only place I can get it.”

Otherwise, they will just buy it from Amazon, or it won’t be different enough for them to pull out their credit card. That’s why we create an online store with Shopify and use Facebook to target the right audience and run the best marketing and video ad.

#4 – There Are Lower Expenses And Less Risk

No personal physical storage, No Administration fees, etc.  We have national warehouse (USA) and fulfillment partners for online products to be delivered our customers.

Example of our RESULTS: Finding more fulfillment PARTNERS for our online products

#4 – Sales In Ecommerce Are Great

Whatever you do, stay away from products with a low-profit margin. You have to sell a huge volume to make a serious profit, and there’s always the danger of spending a lot of money on a product that won’t sell.

Example of our RESULTS on 3rd week JAN 2018


Example of our RESULTS on JANUARY 2018



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