My Biggest Weakness

An interesting question came to me the other day. What was my biggest weakness?  

This is a fantastic question.  But before I answer it…

You should know that I still have weaknesses.  And I still work on myself every single day.  

A lot of people think successful people possess no weaknesses.  So they’re shocked when top performers make mistakes. 

We all make mistakes.  

It’s OK to make mistakes.  Mistakes are what make us human.

The key is to constantly be learning and growing.  

So your weaknesses can’t hold you back.  

Now, with all that said… 

Here’s my answer to the question: “What was my biggest weakness?”  

When Grant and I first got married, I believed I needed to be financially independent.  

So I held myself back from supporting Grant’s mission.  For instance…

Grant was earning a good amount of money when we got married.  So I could have easily quit my acting career if I had wanted to.  

But I didn’t quit.  

And I wasn’t the most supportive wife. 

Which seems crazy when I look back.  Because the truth is…

I had fallen out of love with acting a long time ago.  And I no longer felt a sense of purpose in what I was doing.  

So I was forging ahead in my career for all the wrong reasons, like:

Fear of losing my independence…

Not wanting to be held back by a man…

And worrying about what society might think if I didn’t make it on my own. 

But here’s what’s fascinating.  The minute I let go of my need for independence…

And the minute I went all-in on my husband…

That’s when our empire really started flying.  

I remember the moment when it finally dawned on me that I needed to go all-in on Grant. 

It was in the eye of the 2008 economic storm… shortly after Lehman Brothers collapsed.

A belly-up bank was trying to call in our real estate loans.

And some “friends” had just dragged us into an ugly legal fight.

It felt like our entire world was imploding. 

But it was in those darkest hours that I finally went all-in on my marriage and myself.  

And I’ve never looked back.

Which is why I now believe my desire for independence was my greatest weakness. 

It’s also why I’m on a mission to help couples fortify their relationships – so they can build their empires together.   

Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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