To Make More Money in 2022, there are certain industries that experts project to be the most profitable. Regardless if you’re focused on entrepreneurship or your career, find out what fields you should explore this year.

While there is no shortage of money, there are methods to obtain it more effectively.

One way to go about it is to study the most profitable industries to break into in 2022.

Once you identify the target area that aligns with your purpose, mission, and values, you can begin building a business or leveling up your career.

The Most Profitable Industries of 2022

Although numerous industries are on the rise this year, there are several that stand out more than others.


As expected, tech continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Several of the Fortune 500 companies with the highest revenue fall under the tech umbrella, including Apple, Microsoft, Google’s Alphabet, and Facebook’s Meta.

Research authority IBISWorld estimates that the computer software sales branch alone has a market size of $588 billion. Additionally, private investments within the industry saw a 13.3% just increase last year.


For those who would rather develop their career than found a startup, management is an area with continuous growth.

According to Business Insider, more than 226,000 new jobs are projected to be created for general and operations managers between 2020-2030.


Next, e-commerce also stands out as one of the most profitable industries in 2022. Throughout the past two years, more and more individuals turned to online shopping for their consumer needs.

Fast Capital 360 appreciates e-commerce as a $4.5-trillion industry, and it’s only expected to grow from there.

1Real Estate

Finally, real estate continues to be a strong industry in terms of profitability, as reported by Foundr Magazine.

Time and time again, it has proven itself as a high-potential vehicle for investors. Multifamily real estate, in particular, continues to be on the rise, regardless of economic conditions.

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