Most Meaningful Gift

As Christmas is rapidly approaching, we’re all making lists, checking them twice, and focusing on the best presents for the ones dear to us. But amid all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we can’t help but wonder… What could be the most meaningful gift of all?

Every year around this time, we find ourselves focusing all our attention on the important people in our lives. Family. Ride-or-die friends. Mentors, business partners, long-time clients…

The powerful individuals who make building and expanding our empires possible.

Through it all, we constantly question how we could show our appreciation in all its magnitude. And finding truly meaningful gifts is far from easy.

Sure, we have plenty of options for stocking stuffers and fun presents under the Christmas tree. In fact, our very own team put together an extensive 10X Holiday Gift Guide with ideas for all personality types.

But what if we want to go above and beyond for our Royal Court with a perspective-shifting present?

The Most Meaningful Gift for a Friend, Family Member, or Business Partner Is…

The experience of a lifetime.

Think about it. While physical products come and go, experiences last forever. In the right context, the memories, knowledge, and insights gained within a life-changing experience become the gift that keeps on giving.

And that’s exactly the opportunity Grant and I want to give you this Christmas.

We’ve put together an incredible holiday special for our upcoming 10X Growth Conference. An experience that — in the words of our guests — has the power to spark a mindset shift and transform lives.

With multiple ticket categories already sold out, we’ve decided to offer the handful of VIP tickets we have left at a heavily discounted price.

And to keep the holiday spirit of connectedness alive, we’ve prepared a 2-ticket VIP package at 82% OFF retail pricing.

Billion-Dollar Goal

So, if you’re still wondering what the most meaningful gift could be, I urge to you consider the immeasurable value of experiences…

There’s nothing more powerful that the potential to change a loved one’s life for the better.

Build an Empire — together,

Elena Cardone

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