In business, what’s the most effective sales cycle strategy that actually closes deals?

The answer is not as complicated as you think.

You need to find a way to get in front of your target market and understand what they want or need. Then, you present a solution that meets their needs better than anyone else can.

Back in the day, companies had sales cycles that looked like this:


It didn’t work. Companies dumped millions of dollars into TV and newspaper advertising. While they had the attention, they couldn’t sell the leads.

Many big-name franchises filed for bankruptcy. Take Toys”R”Us, for example. They failed the model.

The whole point is that you want your leads to hand you the money. And for that, you need a solid strategy for your sales cycle.

The 7-Step Sales Cycle Strategy

To make this easier, I’ll use a hypothetical situation to explain the seven steps of the sales cycle.

  1. Idea. Let’s say your idea is that you want to raise $100K.
  2. Attention. Ask a bunch of people for $100K.
  3. Intention. State what your intention is behind wanting $100K. Is it to take care of your mama? Put money in a fund? Invest in real estate
  4. Solution. Present a solution after qualifying people who can provide you with money. 
  5. Proposal. By giving you $100K, in return, you can show them how to make money, for example.
  6. Close the deal.
  7. Follow-up until they follow through.

That’s your sales cycle strategy.


Essentially, get leads, grab their attention, then qualify them.

When qualifying them, ask them the hard questions like:

  • Why are you here?
  • What’s important to you?
  • Who have you used in the past?
  • Why do you need changes?

Once you can qualify the person and know what they need, you know what to present to them.

Propose to expand the sales cycle, close the deal, and follow up.

It’s that simple, folks.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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