Monica Nobathini 10X Hub Entrepreneur

Exciting updates continue to roll in from the 10X Hub in South Africa! So far, we’ve shared the stories of business-savvy entertainers, event coordinators, and even tombstone manufacturers. Now, we’re shining the spotlight on Monica Nobathini, a human-centered culinary entrepreneur…

With the proper resources, any smart business idea can turn into a thriving venture — even when you already have a lot on your plate.

As a mother, chef, and 10X entrepreneur, Monica Nobathini handles all her roles with devotion, grace, and expertise. And even when adversity arises, she is prepared to adapt and overcome any obstacle in her path.

This is how Monica is building a purpose-driven business to nourish her community.

True African Cuisine, Courtesy of Monica Nobathini

Equipped with years of cooking experience, Nobathini set out to create KwaMonz. The takeaway business serves African cuisine with the authentic touch only a local could provide.

“I identified the need to supply affordable but quality food within my community,” Monica shares about uncovering the opportunity for her business.

As KwaMonz develops, she finds herself loving not only the food preparation process, but also interacting with customers. “I meet the most unique characters from all walks [of life],” says Nobathini, conveying her passion for people.

10X Hub Entrepreneur Monica Nobathini

However, her entrepreneurial journey has been far from easy…

A Lesson in Resilience

While the pandemic made an impact on companies around the world, those in the food industry were particularly affected.

In Monica’s case, her greatest business struggles took place during lockdown. “[Selling food] was totally prohibited, and we were not allowed to operate at all,” she explains. “I had to sell second-hand clothes I did not use to enable me to survive.”

Even before venturing into the food business, Nobathini had personal challenges to overcome. After growing up without a father, she found herself raising two children of her own as a single parent.

However, Monica never allowed hardship to stop her. With each day, she is rewriting her story by developing a resilient business, spending quality time with her family, and 10X-ing her skill set.

The Power of a 10X Community

Ever since joining the 10X Hub, Monica Nobathini has found a sense of belonging among business-minded peers.

“You become part of a family and community,” she says, adding how the project is “a way to give back, assist, gain knowledge, and [improve your skills].”

As for the lessons learned within the incubation program, Monica touches on the importance of pricing, planning, and achieving goals.

“[The 10X Hub] opened the way i approach business and how i think about it. i actually started knowing my business inside-out.”

— Monica Nobathini on the 10X Hub in South Africa

While we continue to gradually unearth the stories of 10X Hub entrepreneurs, we wish Monica nothing but the best in her culinary business journey!

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