I don’t care who you are, there is something you do better than anyone else. Whether you’re aware of it, you’ve got some solid money making skills in the works. And not to get all Liam Neeson on you, but we all have a “particular set of skills.” 

More than likely, you already have a skill in mind you are looking to monetize. The problem is that not everyone knows how to use their strengths to make money. 

For example, you know the number one reason why businesses fail? They can’t sell enough, fast enough, and in quantities great enough to sustain themselves.

As a result, you see starving artists, broke solopreneurs, and small businesses closing their doors. 

Let’s turn the tide in the other direction…

Starting with YOUR success. 

Who Needs to Learn How to Leverage Money Making Skills?

In short, everyone. 

However, here is a brief outline of how it could apply to you and your role — in case you’re still not convinced. 

A. Business Owners

First, business owners should absolutely be leveraging the money making skills they have. 

Think about the longest standing and most profitable companies of all time. Microsoft. Ford. Apple

All their founders were the best at what they did, then translated those skills into something marketable. Creating a business from something you are knowledgeable about maintains its sustainability. 

A strong business starts from the top. So, this also establishes your authority as a leader when you are proficient in your field. 

In other words, it’s easier to keep a business running if you know what you’re doing. 

B. Freelancers

Next, freelancers are mini-business owners in and of themselves. Consequently, the above reasons apply to them as well. 

Additionally, freelancers need to maximize their skills to make money because often their “company” is just them. 

Honing in on how lucrative your ability is can be the difference between struggling and affluence.

For example, the difference in pay between a general transcriptionist and a court stenographer is huge. The general transcriptionist earns about $43,000 a year, while the latter has an average salary of around $57,000.

That’s an extra $14,000 a year! 

An understanding of how valuable your skill set is positions you as a professional — and everyone is looking for an expert. 

C. Employees

I can tell you that I am always on the lookout for talent. A competent employee is worth their weight in gold to me — and any other smart business owner, for that matter. 

As an employee, selling your abilities to your superiors is your ultimate bargaining chip. It allows you to negotiate raises and promotions, gives you freedom to choose your own projects, and makes you indispensable. 

My best people have grown with my companies because they have played to their strengths using skills that make money… 

A shining example of this is the President of Cardone Enterprises, Jarrod Glandt. He started out as a sales guy for me and climbed his way to being my right-hand man.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you are going to implement some — if not all — of the strategies below to monetize your skills. 

Here Are the Top 10 Ideas for Money Making Skills You Already Have in 2022

Now that you know the why, here is the how. 

As you read, you may notice something all these tactics have in common… 

These ideas are ALL forms of promotion. 

Money follows attention, so get creative with the strategies below to get more money for your skills. 

1. Create a Powerful Personal Brand

In this age of information, building a powerful personal brand is more than a buzzword. It is the foundation for you to effectively monetize your talents. 

Social media gives everyone the opportunity to promote themselves in their area of expertise. It is plain stupid to not use this tool to your full advantage. 

Blogs, YouTube videos, and podcasts are all effective — and FREE — ways to develop a personal brand. This allows people to see what you can do, as opposed to you telling them.

And I hate to break it to you, but no one is going to take you on your word that your skill set is worth paying for… 

People want to do business with people they like and know. Strong branding makes that connection easier. 

2. Partner with Brands for Affiliate Marketing

One of the benefits of establishing yourself as an authority is the ability to take part in affiliate marketing. In this type of partnership, you receive money to feature or demonstrate a product to your online audience. 

This practice has existed as long as marketing has been around. However, social media has made this opportunity more accessible.

Some “influencers” generate massive income from this strategy alone. 

At the same time, there are specific rules around this type of marketing… 

Research all the regulations and brands you plan on partnering with before you take the plunge. 

That being said, affiliate marketing is still a legit way to put your money making skills into action. 

3. Publish a Valuable Course

The ultimate testament to one’s skills is being able to teach them to another. So, why not get paid for it? 

Publishing an online course allows you to do just that. Plus, it means you can reach a larger audience than you could teaching one on one. 

There are a multitude of platforms and avenues to get your course online. I wrote a guide to help you get started here. 

However, the most important part is structuring and creating the content so people can learn it effectively. That part is up to you. 

People want knowledge, and they want it from the best. 

If you can write a course which others can use to become successful, everyone wins. 

4. Become a Professional Coach or Consultant

When you are known as THE guy or gal in your field, people will want to monopolize your time so you can focus on solving their problems. 

This is a big opportunity for you to apply your money making skills as a coach or consultant. 

It’s no secret that people pay big money for celebrity personal trainers, interior designers, or even doctors. You can use this method to make money in your area of expertise as well. 

And don’t worry. You don’t need to establish yourself as a Dr. Oz to be successful as a consultant… 

Simply know the specific individuals you can help and offer your services to them. Word about your ability to help will ultimately translate into increased rates for your time and insights. 

5. Share Knowledge on Stage as a Public Speaker

If you needed a sign to get over stage fright, this is it. Public speaking is a strong method for you to make money with what you do best. 

I know because I did it — for years.

This route to monetize your skills is no get-rich-quick scheme. It takes development. You have to build a reputation so people know you are worth coming out to see. 

Before establishing myself, I did countless free speaking engagements. I did it to get out and prove myself. And because I put in the work and my content was effective, I now have workshops priced at thousands of dollars a ticket… 

You can do the same. You just gotta be willing to step out of your comfort zone and onto the stage. 

Regardless of your specialty, public speaking is an underrated and profitable way to promote yourself. 

6. Host Virtual and In-Person Events

In the same way getting on public stages can help you earn an income, you can do the same by hosting your own events. 

In-person and virtual events are equally powerful in bolstering your message. Any kind of event helps you foster a community of people interested in your brand.  

Today, most social networking sites have options to go “live,” which you can use to your advantage. Those who are already interested in you can check out what you have to say and easily refer others. 

You can earn revenue by charging for these events or segueing into selling another one of your products. 

Either way, gathering like-minded people will create opportunities to make money.

7. Write a Book

First of all, book-writing has been a big part of my career, and it continues to be to this day. I’ve published multiple bestsellers in the process which have helped countless people around the world.

I wrote “Sell or Be Sold” to teach other salespeople the step-by-step process that no one ever showed me when I started out… 

Then, I wrote “How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate” to share the investing strategies which worked for me… 

Whenever I write a book, it is to show my steps for success. In turn, those books have become bestsellers. 

Therefore, if you have a great collection of life lessons and resources to offer, get them out on paper. Not only is it an effective way to push your money making skills, but you’ll also provide a unique experience for your readers. 

8. Create an E-Commerce Store

As far as I can tell, everyone loves merch. For that reason, you should consider opening an e-commerce store. 

With a little creativity, you can design merchandise tailored to your brand. From hot sauce to aviation, people like showing off their interests through clothing, bumper stickers, and so on. An e-commerce store provides an official source for your audience to get these items from.  

Also, if you took my advice from the section above, it gives you a place to sell your book without having to give a cut to another retailer. 

Generating revenue through e-commerce will just continue to grow as time goes on. Don’t miss the opportunity to use it to your advantage. 

9. Develop an App

On the tech front, there’s another way to apply your money making skills. Although it’s harder to pull off, creating a useful app can pay off big time.

To do this, really consider the industry you’re an expert in. Is there some gap or problem an app could solve here?  

I am not asking you to learn how to write computer code or anything here. What you need to do is get the idea first. Then, you can look for people to help you with the logistics… 

The more you can bring solutions to the marketplace, the more you will be rewarded for your skills. 

10. Master the Sales Game

Last and definitely not least, the unrivaled technique to start cashing in on your skills is to learn to sell. You have to be able to convince others you are as good as you know you are. 

Let’s look back at the three roles we talked about earlier in this article: the business owner, freelancer, and employee. An integral part of any of them monetizing their skills is their ability to sell others on their value. 

Business owners have to sell customers on their products or services. Otherwise, the business will fail…

Freelancers have to sell their potential clients on the superiority of their skills. Otherwise, the clients will choose another contractor…

And unless employees can sell their value to the company, they will find themselves looked over for promotions — or even worse, out of a job.  

Sales is not just for “salespeople.” It is a critical skill you need to be successful in any area of life. 

Master sales, and the world will be your oyster. 

How I’ve Combined Multiple Methods to Leverage My Money Making Skills

I know the amount of information I have thrown at you can feel overwhelming. Be that as it may, all these tools are important to successfully monetize your skills. 

To illustrate how to use several of these strategies at once, I will use my own application as an example. 

Let’s start with personal brand. When social media first came out, I was criticized for flooding the various platforms with posts and content. Nonetheless, I knew I had to get my name out there… 

The result is now I have a strong brand with over eight million followers across my social media platforms. 

Don’t you think that has allowed me to reach more people? 

Early on, I also wrote a course based on my sales technology (Cardone U). Doing so has allowed me to help thousands of businesses and individuals increase their revenue with my skill set… 

Before that, I was going around the country doing public speaking engagements and events teaching my content. 

These workshops and speaking gigs were my entire business model for many years, and it was very profitable. 

All throughout my career, I wrote books. The books themselves sold extremely well… More importantly, they got attention.  

But sales was where it all started. Once I committed to getting good at sales — which I hated at first — everything changed. I wasn’t struggling to pay the $275 rent on my crappy apartment anymore and I could feed my dog and me. 

At the time, that was as much success as I could imagine. Becoming proficient in sales continues to fuel my success to this day. 

All the sales strategies I have used to apply my money making skills and have abundance in every area of my life are in Cardone University. I encourage you to take advantage of the knowledge there. 

At the end of the day, no matter where you are in your career, learning to make money from your abilities is the way to long-term, sustainable success. 

Go out and use these resources to be Great, 

Grant Cardone

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