Do you want to find incredible people to work with you? Are you looking to grow your company and scale to the next level? Is capital funding something you need for your business? Then you need to have a clear, inspirational, and impactful mission statement. 

Your mission statement is what attracts the right people to your organization. It’s also what aligns them with your business

While most business owners focus on what they do, the ones who aim for a powerful impact need to connect with their core motivational drivers.

No one cares what you do, but they do care why you do it.

It’s this why — your mission — that’s so important for creating a prospect-company connection.

Crafting your mission statement

At Cardone Ventures, for example, our mission statement reads:

Cardone Ventures helps business owners achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals through the growth of their businesses.

Read it carefully.

You’ll see that we still mention what we do, in a simple way, so that anyone can understand it. Reading this mission statement tells you everything you need to know about our business in one sentence. 

But how did we tie in the why?

We know that most business owners want to grow their companies to help their lives in some way, whether personally, professionally, or financially. As a result of knowing that, we tied it into our mission. 

We did so because we wanted business owners to not only understand what we do but also why they should trust and work with us.

Once we identified the motivational driver — i.e. to accomplish their personal, professional, and financial goals — we added in what we did. For us, it is is helping them achieve those goals of through the growth of their organization. 

Leveraging your why

To attract the right clients, team members, and partners, you need a strong mission statement that resonates with their own personal why

Once you have that statement, it’ll be easier to align people with the vision, goals, and targets of the company — because they’re emotionally invested. 

Want to learn more about how to craft your mission statement, set your business up for scaling success, and develop your team members into top performers?

Schedule a call to learn more about our upcoming People Essentials Workshopwith my team — a 2-day training event that’s geared toward helping you fortify one of the most essential components of your business.


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