Mindy and Glenn Stearns and Elena and Grant Cardone

Elena and Grant Cardone interviewed Mindy and Glenn Stearns on the final day of 10X Growth Conference 2022. The two power couples talked about what it takes to create a loving, successful marriage — and maintain it.

Glenn and Mindy Stearns (née Burbano) have been happily married for 20 years. In Hollywood, that’s an eternity. Few celebrity couples reach this milestone while having prolific entertainment careers.

But the Stearns’ have proven that they’re a powerful exception to this “rule”.

How do they do it? The two affluent couples shared their methods for building a strong marriage while making it in one of the roughest industries.

You can disagree — respectfully

Everyone knows that communication is essential for healthy relationships. But how you communicate is equally as important.

Although the Stearns’ might not agree on everything, they know how to discuss topics they don’t see eye to eye on.

“There’s respectful ways to fight and disagree.”

— Mindy Stearns on navigating difficult conversation with her husband, Glenn

The fact that the pair knows and implements this has made obstacles in their relationship easier to overcome.

Mindy and Glenn Stearns keep looking towards their bench

Among the stories they shared, the Stearns’ talked about keeping their purpose in mind when things got tough.

For them, it’s about maintaining a clear perspective on their partnership goals.

“One of the things we keep in mind is that when we’re 80 years old, there’s no one we’d rather be sitting next to on a bench with.”

— Glenn Stearns on remembering the purpose of their marriage

Additionally, they have thousands of photos of them on various benches from their travels to have physical reminders of this sentiment.

Mindy and Glenn Stearns are in it for the long run. And after two decades of marriage, as well as raising two teenage kids at home — what they’re doing is clearly working.

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