I’ve said for awhile now that the millionaire is the new middle class. More and more people are becoming millionaires—and quite frankly, a million dollars is not THAT much money anymore. This isn’t 1970; inflation has been eroding the value of the dollar for years. Sooner or later, you should lose your million-dollar virginity. Don’t be the 40-year-old virgin still making $100k/year and thinking you’re comfortable.

If you want proof that a million dollars won’t go that far, let me show you what $1,000,000 can buy you today. You can get an old, run down looking tiny house in San Diego for $1 million. You get “two” bedrooms with 840 square feet, and it looks like an old barn.


That house doesn’t exactly fit your idea of living rich, does it? I mean, look at that lawn. That’s a million-dollar purchase folks. This isn’t just a San Diego thing. In San Francisco a million is simply the median home price.

You need to start thinking beyond a million dollars—$10 million, $20 million and higher. Part of the problem with money is that most people get financial advice from those who are struggling with or who have given up on money themselves. Most of the advice we get about money is from people close to us. Some of the people you get advice from have never even thought financial freedom was possible.

You must look beyond the dumb advice of family, television pundits, blogs, get-rich articles, cute quotes on Instagram, and silly little sayings. If you want to become not just a middle class millionaire, you need to become a $10 million-dollar earner. Here are 2 simple ways to get there:

1) Do the Math

Most people never do millionaire math, much less multi-millionaire math. You have to do the math. If you make $100,000 a year it will take you 10 years—if you had no expenses—to become a middle-class millionaire living in that beat down old house in San Diego pictured above. You must sit down and write out what it will actually take to get rich. I tell people all the time they need to do the math. Before I go after a target I sit down and do the math. How many $100 products would you need to sell to reach $10 million dollars? Do the math!

2) Get Sales Skills

The bottom line for most people is that they don’t know how to go out and get money. You can have anything you want in life if you just learn to sell. We live on an economic planet and your economy depends upon your ability to sell yourself, your ideas, and your products to the marketplace. When I was 25 years old I got serious about becoming a professional salesman and started studying and training daily. Nobody is born with the ability to sell—you have to educate yourself and then train. That’s why I created Cardone University—it’s a platform where people can learn the skills they need to get money.

Trust me, there’s no reason for you to remain a millionaire virgin. The time is now and it’s never been easier than in 2017 to get rich. This is your year.

If you need more help, motivation, direction, tools, advice, and actionable data to work with to become a multi-millionaire, you have to invest in the 10XGrowthConference. Streaming Tickets are available! It’s your best opportunity to grow and connect with experienced millionaires and multi-millionaires—and even hecta-millionaires. Don’t wait, go get your spot now!

Be great,


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Star of Discovery Channel’s “Undercover Billionaire,” Grant Cardone owns and operates seven privately held companies and a private equity real estate firm, Cardone Capital, with a multifamily portfolio of assets under management valued at over $4 billion. He is the Top Crowdfunder in the world, raising over $900 million in equity via social media. Known internationally as the leading expert on sales, marketing, and scaling businesses, Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author of 11 business books, including “The 10X Rule,” which led to Cardone establishing the 10X Global Movement and the 10X Growth Conference, now the largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world. The online business and sales educational platform he created, Cardone University, serves over 411,000 individuals and Forbes 100 corporate clients throughout the world. Voted the top Marketing Influencer to watch by Forbes, Cardone uses his massive 15 million plus following to give back via his Grant Cardone Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring underserved, at-risk adolescents in financial literacy, especially those without father figures.