Undercover Billionaire challenged me to become a millionaire in 3 months from scratch.

They stripped me of everything I had, but I used the business strategies that I know work and replicated them to show you how to become a millionaire.

It sounds impossible, too good to be true, but I’ve done it; I did it on TV and I’ve done it over and over again. Even with zero followers on social media, no investors, and no money, I built a multimillion-dollar business from scratch in just 90 days using my own resources and following the systems that work every day.

Grant Cardone in Undercover Billionaire showing how to become a millionaire

You do need a plan.

To become a millionaire, you first need to be 100% committed to taking massive action with a killer plan. Not just today, but every single day — from the very moment you wake up:

  • Set a target every day, something that is a priority and has to get accomplished today. Something you would do no matter what!
  • Stay committed.
  • Create a business plan.
  • Keep a stay-broke attitude to stay creative, curious, hungry and on the move. 
  • Always go to zero.
  • Create a network of contacts.
  • Find the right vehicle.
  • Do the math and use reverse engineering.
  • Build a team.

This is just the beginning. As long as you have the courage, commitment, creativity, and a strategy, and you use less excuses than you use strategy, I can show you how to build a multimillion-dollar business

The bigger the commitment, the bigger the payoff.

I put together the 10X Workshop that will help you draw a roadmap to creating your own successful business from scratch. No skills, money, or contacts. Nothing is needed except you and a willingness to work. 

Are you with me? Register for the 10X Workshop here to start building your business.

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