Undercover Billionaire challenged me to become a millionaire in 3 months from scratch.

They stripped me of everything I had, but I used the business strategies that I know work and replicated them to show you how to become a millionaire.

It sounds impossible, too good to be true, but I’ve done it; I did it on TV and I’ve done it over and over again. Even with zero followers on social media, no investors, and no money, I built a multimillion-dollar business from scratch in just 90 days using my own resources and following the systems that work every day.

Grant Cardone in Undercover Billionaire showing how to become a millionaire

You do need a plan.

To become a millionaire, you first need to be 100% committed to taking massive action with a killer plan. Not just today, but every single day — from the very moment you wake up:

  • Set a target every day, something that is a priority and has to get accomplished today. Something you would do no matter what!
  • Stay committed.
  • Create a business plan.
  • Keep a stay-broke attitude to stay creative, curious, hungry and on the move. 
  • Always go to zero.
  • Create a network of contacts.
  • Find the right vehicle.
  • Do the math and use reverse engineering.
  • Build a team.

This is just the beginning. As long as you have the courage, commitment, creativity, and a strategy, and you use less excuses than you use strategy, I can show you how to build a multimillion-dollar business

The bigger the commitment, the bigger the payoff.

I put together the 10X Workshop that will help you draw a roadmap to creating your own successful business from scratch. No skills, money, or contacts. Nothing is needed except you and a willingness to work. 

Are you with me? Register for the 10X Workshop here to start building your business.


  1. Hi, so I just been reading this, oh my name is Bridget. So I been reading this & from what I gather it takes money to make money, im terminally ill & can not work, I get a pension which is barely enough the 2nd I get it 2 days later it’s gone. So how would I starting with zero make this work for me or this & just like everything else 1. Need money to make money or 2. Too good to be true?

  2. Hello Grant, Thanks you for taking the time in energy to help me move towards my dreams in goals. Just looking at your story inspire me to see the layout that my willingness can take me to the next level in that is the 10x way. Reading your 10x Rules has helped me build new character about myself. Uncle G you have more content about success then any but the one thing that put you on a level by yourself is you’re showing people how to to be apart of the 10x rule. You have brought a change in my life my relationship and my entrepreneurship skill. Thank you.

  3. I’m with it! I love it! I know you did this and can enable other do something the same! But can’t take the bait.. my partner and I did the free 7 day money challenge last October when it was claimed you would help me become earn $1,000,000 in 90 days and you’d teach us how to Avoid paying 30k in take on the first 100k. That’s my goal! I need that! So my partner and I signed up for the 3 day 10x workshop and did ALL the pre training in Cardone university. Well I got a lot of tools that are helping but not mentorship on my specific first million or the tax thing! It is what it is, and I will have my first million in one year… by Oct 2022!!! Your teachings are priceless and I crave more… someday.. #lightupyourlife813