If you’re not a quitter — like so many others in “The Great Resignation” wave —  drop everything you’re doing and learn how to double down and increase your salary.

As the head of multiple companies, I have no problem with rewarding those who are producing income. As long as you’re contributing to the company and can work out a better deal for yourself, you should do it.

Take my team, for instance. I’ve got sales guys making over half a million dollars a year. That’s more than most doctors and lawyers make. And some of these guys have no formal education at all.

But it’s not only the salespeople. Employees from across all my companies have added zeros to their paychecks. 

Another great example is my receptionist. She was able to make an extra six figures in commissions over and above her salary. Today, she holds a management position in my company — and makes even more.

These people all have one thing in common… 

They’re committed to making more money and furthering their careers. 

And you should be too.

Raise vs. Promotion: What Should You Aim For?

A lot of people want to increase their salary with a simple raise. But they don’t consider the massive value that comes with a promotion instead.

Just asking for more money won’t guarantee your success in the long run. Sure, you might get a raise today, but you limit future opportunities.

Plus, why get a 3% raise when you could get a 30% increase through a promotion instead? 

If you know how to sell yourself as an asset to the organization, then everyone wins. You put yourself in the spotlight for financial, professional, and personal growth. At the same time, you develop along with the company, over the years. 

That’s why you should always aim for a promotion instead of a raise.

Increase Your Salary Like a Millionaire Employee

If you thought the previous examples were impressive, wait till you hear about my boy JG — the original Young Hustler. 

Today, Jarrod Glandt is the President of Grant Cardone Enterprises. But he started from the bottom. 

Although he showed a knack for sales in college, applying conventional advice only made him lost and miserable in the years that followed: 

  • “Work hard, play harder.”
  • “Save your money for a rainy day.”
  • “Building rapport gets more sales.” 

Then, he came across one of my videos online, called up my team, and asked for a chance to work with me.

Eventually, he did. He started at $2,500 per month plus a small commission on deals he wrote. It was far from easy. Jarrod was putting in 150 to 200 calls a day, and he still wasn’t where he wanted to be financially.

It all changed when he committed to success as his duty, obligation, and responsibility.

First, he learned how to turn more of those calls into sales presentations. And then how to turn more of those sales presentations into closed deals.


J’s my right-hand man, and he is the ultimate example of how maturing with a company can make you a millionaire employee. 

Now, he’s getting ready to share exactly how he did it. Tune in to the Millionaire Employee Method Webinar to find out his secret strategies for becoming rich while working within an organization.

Phrases to Avoid at ALL Costs

The following phrases — or variations of them — in your pitch will put your employer on the defense and less likely to hear you out:

  • I deserve more money.
  • I’ve been here X many years.
  • I work hard.
  • This other person makes X amount of money more…
  • If I don’t get X more, I’ll have to look for work elsewhere.

My Scripts: How to Ask for a Promotion at Work the Right Way

To get one step closer to a million-dollar paycheck, you’ll obviously have to increase your job salary. But you need to be smart about it.

Instead of just asking your boss for more money, you should ask them how you can bring more value to the company. 

Here are the questions you should be asking:

  • What is your opinion of my work so far? — This gives you an idea what position you are in to negotiate an increased job salary. 
  • What can I do for the company that you could pay me X more money for? — Offer value and solutions
  • Let’s make a deal. If I can reach this target, you agree to X salary increase. — You are assuming responsibility and taking pressure off your employer. Also, leaders love performance-based compensation. 

Checklist to Prep for the Big Day

Now, before you even go in for the proposal, you need to ensure you’re not creating a problem for your employer. 

First off, know the specific amount you want. Having a clear target in mind will help you increase your job salary.

Next, get the timing right, and don’t catch them off guard. Set a time and place where you have your employer’s full attention. 

Then, prepare all the relevant information for a successful meeting:


Show them, don’t tell them:

  • What value have you brought to the company up until now? 
  • Have you boosted sales? 
  • Did you lead large-scale projects?

Pull all the numbers and include them in your proposal:

  • Production statistics;
  • Successful projects;
  • Completed initiatives;
  • Team accomplishments — especially if you led them.


In addition to the numbers, you also need third-party validation.

In marketing, we call it social proof. Here, it’s positive feedback from your team, customers, and managers to backup your proposal:

  • Client testimonials;
  • Past performance reviews;
  • Documented appreciation from co-workers.


After you know how valuable your contributions were to the organization up until this point, paint a picture of the future. 

How will you and the company grow from now on, especially with you in your new role?

Create an outline of projected growth based on the data you have. After that, lay out the plan with all the action steps you’ll take to get there. 


Every morning, my sales guys start the day by doing one-on-one role-playing. They practice every possible scenario they could face with a client. 

It gives them the space to fail, make mistakes, and learn from them — without losing sales.

Treat your job salary increase proposal the same way.

Before the big day comes around, rehearse everything you want to put on the table. You can role-play with anyone. Grab a close friend or family member and walk through any reaction your boss might have.

When money is on the line, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. 

The REAL Secret to Make More Money at Work

At the end of the day, regardless of promotions or whatnot, there’s one thing that has always won the day for me — sales.

When I fully committed to selling, the whole game changed and I started making REAL money:

Everyone is a salesperson, no matter what their job title is. Get sold on that fact, and you’ll get what you want.

I was telling you earlier that all my employees have the opportunity to sell and make commissions. 

Even if your organization doesn’t currently offer this, why not be the one to pitch it?

For you, it’s the only guaranteed way to control — and 10X — your income.

For your employer, it’s another person directly involved in increasing the company’s revenue.

In summary, the reason the Millionaire Employee Method works is because you, your organization, and your family all prosper. 

That is the foundation for success in any area of your life.

Now, nail that promotion meeting, collect all the commission checks you can, and be Great,

Grant Cardone

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