It is hard to believe, but 2022 is halfway over. For this reason, I want to show you how to do a mid-year goal audit to improve your chances of accomplishing them in 2022. 

Doing a mid-year goal audit helps you see what you want and how close you are to making it happen. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to adjust your plan of action. 

After all, how can you expect to create the life you want if you aren’t paying attention to what your end goal is?

Below are the basics of how to perform such an audit. 

What are we doing again?

Studies have shown that most of us give up on our yearly goals by January 19th! The fact that you are still pushing forward mid-year is impressive in and of itself. 

However, the first step to a mid-year goal audit is to reaffirm and recommit to what you want to achieve. With this in mind, you should re-write all your goals alongside the reason you want to cross them off your list for the year. 

Doing this gets you motivated again and gives you new and creative ideas on how to overcome obstacles in your way.

Remove roadblocks with mid-year goal audit

Once you have reestablished the what and why of your goals, it’s time to make your roadmap to get there by the end of the year. 

Now, you will lay out the steps you need to take to make these goals a reality. They may be big steps or daily disciplines. Either way, write them down here. 

Equally important, put down any hurtles, limiting beliefs, or other obstacles that are holding you back. The first step to overcoming these is knowing what they are. Now, your newfound determination and affirmation of the purpose of these goals will help you eliminate them with more ease. 

To conclude, this is the basic layout of a mid-year goal audit.

However, you don’t need to limit yourself to auditing only at certain times of the year. I suggest doing it every time you feel discouraged or lost. 

It takes focus to build an empire. Keep your goals in focus. 

Elena Cardone  

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