As a real estate investor, is it a good idea to focus on Miami luxury apartments? Or are South Florida houses a better investment? Should you even consider Florida for REI in the first place? Let me break it down for you.

A few years back, I decided to move from Los Angeles to Miami.

Since I made the move, my real estate holdings have skyrocketed. 600 units to 7,500. $60 million to $3.6 billion.

And it’s all thanks to commercial residential real estate.

The truth about Miami luxury apartments

Listen, successful people know that true wealth doesn’t come from flipping houses. It’s all in the multifamily market.

So, if you’re looking to invest in Miami properties, forget about single-family homes. The real money is in apartments, and any serious investor will tell you the same.

This year, specifically, the market will only get hotter and hotter. Both multifamily properties and their associated rent prices are projected to to increase throughout 2022.

Quality and quantity

Now, for the “luxury” part. I’ve explained before that “buying the least expensive house in the most expensive neighborhood” is bulls*it. It’s one of the oldest and biggest misconceptions people have about real estate.

Number one, you shouldn’t be buying a house in the first place. Number two, you want to invest in high-quality apartment complexes — a lot of them.

Trophy assets and top-tier locations result in monster appreciation.

And that’s the only way you’re gonna generate massive wealth in REI.

Location is everything

You’re not ready to invest in real estate until you can spot the right location. Right now, nothing tops Miami and South Florida.

Numbers don’t lie, and these are the stats that prove why this is the place to invest in 2022:

So, are you ready to learn more about the opportunities in this industry? Jump on my free Real Estate Training where I walk you through everything I did in the game.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone


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