The U.S. Census Bureau reported in September 2014 that: U.S. real (inflation adjusted) median household income was $51,939 in 2013 versus $51,759 in 2012, statistically unchanged. In St Louis, Mo. the cost of living is 69,445. How is that going to work if the couple in the household is bringing in $52,000? Even if they both drag that home you have to figure out how to pay $800 to house four people, and that’s only St. Louis, one of the least expensive cities in the US.  width= Median wages in the middle-income groups have been flat for the last 30 years. No politician or party has a solution for this problem or they would have already fixed it. The only solution is the individual. The only people that have been able to save money in this country are those taking entrepreneurial career risk. If you want financial freedom you better get out of the middle class. There are some three million people at or below minimum wage compared to some 200,000,000 that make up the median wage. Maybe that is why you hear politicians talk about minimum wage as something to handle because they know the other is just beyond comprehension. I just wish there was one politician that would tell the American people the truth. I’m going to be showing you how to get out of the middle class and reach a level of wealth where you no longer have to fear unexpected bills, how to pay for what you family wants and needs and to break you free of financial uncertainty. I want to help as many people get to financial certainty. Join me tomorrow for my live video webinar How to Make Millions in Business. When you choose to join me you will also get a digital ebook covering my New York Times Bestselling book If You’re Not First, You’re Last with 19 exclusive videos discussing each chapter. You’ll also get my 13 Rules of SuccessMP3 with over 2 hours of audio and my 53-minute Stop Selling Start ClosingMP3 on how to grow your business. On top of all of that you will receive the 7 Business Maxims and the first chapter of The Power of Failure by Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and massively successful entrepreneur. Combined Fran and I have 70 years of business experience that we will be delivering tomorrow. And you can access this webinar 24/7 after the live stream so you can absorb all of the information over and over. Sign up now. Be Great, because this is proof nothing in the middle pays, Grant Cardone
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