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If you make yourself a priority, you are not being selfish.  

Parents often ask me if guilt eats me up when I invest time and energy in my career. 

You might already know that I’m a dedicated mom to my two amazing daughters – Scarlett and Sabrina.

My kids are senior to every other priority in my life.  But my kids are not my only priority.

My husband, Grant, is a priority.

And so is my career as an author, speaker, licensed realtor, and successful business owner.


There are times when the work I do can dominate my calendar.  

But here’s the way I see it:

I cannot fulfill my purpose if I don’t make time to prioritize my own fulfillment.

And I consider it my responsibility to create fulfillment.  Why?

Because I want my daughters to feel fulfilled.

I want my kids to hit massive goals and achieve their purpose.  Which is why it is my duty to set a great example they can follow.

If I don’t create fulfillment in my own life and career, how can I expect my daughters to create fulfillment in their lives? 

Not only that –

Scarlett and Sabrina know they are central to achieving our mission. 

Grant and I don’t separate our daughters from the work we do.  Instead…

Our daughters have joined us on our mission to help 8 billion people around the world. 

It’s why you’ll see Sabrina and Scarlett speak on stage at Grant’s 10X Growth Conference. 

It’s why we’re teaching our daughters to build their own businesses, invest in real estate, and support their communities.

Also, it’s why our kids don’t moan or complain at times when Grant and I need to hustle.  They don’t behave like victims…

Because our daughters understand that their behavior contributes to our purpose. 

If you want to create a similar situation in your family, try writing a family mission statement.

A family mission statement is a way to keep you, your partner, and your kids working towards the same goal. 

It signals to your family that you are a team.  

When you have a family mission statement, every member of your family knows the actions and sacrifices they must make to achieve your goals. 

You can start by asking questions like these:

What kind of family do we want to be? 

What truly matters to our family?

How can we contribute to society as a family?

Then, make a list of your family’s core values like – 






Third, brainstorm some 10X goals.

Your goals should be unrealistic (don’t worry about how your family will make your goals a reality).

Plus, your goals should align with your values and the contribution your family wants to make to the world. 

Finally, write down a mission statement based on your goals, values, and the impact you want to make. 

For example…

Our family mission is to make sure everyone wins in life.

We do this with ethics, integrity, discipline, and fun. 

We achieve our mission through the content we produce, by creating a strong family unit, and by peeling back the curtain on everything we’re doing to expand our empire. 

It’s why I’m determined to get my course – Build an Empire University – into as many hands as possible. 

Build an Empire University contains the knowledge you need to create an extraordinary career and marriage. 

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Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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