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Anyone can make sales during the good times.  But how do you make sales during tough times?

After long periods of economic growth, people often get complacent.  

When the tough times hit, they scramble to refocus on the thing that matters most – getting sales. 

Why wait until times get tough?

Here are 3 things you can do to make more sales in any economy. 

1. Reactivate Past Clients

Past clients are a goldmine businesses often take for granted.

Reactivating past clients means contacting each person you have sold before but are not actively working with at this time. 

This is mandatory. You must do it every day. 

The quickest and easiest way is to create a list of past clients or customers and start personally calling them.  You could have your team make these calls, but nothing is more effective than making the call yourself.

Make the call.  Remember, action counts more than anything.  Contacts turn into contracts. The more contacts, the more contracts.  Contact your past clients. 

Next, we’re going to contact those people who didn’t sign…

2. Convert the “unsold” into “sold”

Converting the unsold to sold is a great opportunity most businesses overlook. 

About 80 percent of sales to businesses are made on the fifth or later sales call.  But only 10 percent of salespeople call more than three times. 

You’ve got to follow up fanatically. 

Bring everything you have to the table.  I’m talking phone calls, text messages, mail, e-mail, and personal visits.  Get creative.  Never stop following up. 

Ask if they ever made a purchasing decision.  Ask how it turned out.  And ask what they’re looking to accomplish now.  Always ask.  

The difference between a contact and a contract is the relationship.  If you don’t continue to contact, you will never create the relationship necessary to make the sale.  

You need to create the relationship to get the first sale.  You need the first sale before you can get the second sale.  And that’s the next thing we’ll focus on…

3. Activate the second sale to boost profits

The easiest way to generate additional profit is with add-ons or second sales. 

Even though the second sale is easier to get than the first, most businesses miss this opportunity.  

You can spend days, weeks, and months making the first sale, but making a second sale can take just a few minutes.

The second sale is easier, more profitable, and can make your buyer even more satisfied with their original purchase. 

So why don’t more businesses do it?

Because it takes the proper training, skill set, and mindset to make the second sale.  

Make a commitment and get the training, skill set, and mindset you need to activate the second sale so you can boost your profits. 

So there you have it. 3 ways you can make more sales in any economy.  1) Reactivate past clients.  2) Convert the “unsold” into “sold.”  3) Activate the second sale to boost profits.

Do these three things and see how they can help you increase sales. And when you are ready to take your business to the next level, I have something amazing for you.

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Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone

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