Magic sales openers

sales openers

Fellow 10X’er…

A lot of people think the most important part of sales is closing.

I get it – if you don’t close you don’t get the dough.

Closing is an art all on its own.

But opening is actually more important.

What do I mean by “opening” when it comes to a sales conversation?

It’s the very first thing you say to a prospect.

If what you say to them doesn’t catch their attention?  You’re dead in the water.

It’s true in phone or face-to-face cold calls.  It’s true in advertisements.  And it’s true in emails.

How you open sets the tone.

The good news is… 

I’m going to give you a magic sales opener right here in this email.

But first, let me tell you…

How NOT to Open a Sales Conversation

Don’t ask if you can have a few minutes of their time – the answer no.

Don’t tell them about you – you haven’t earned the right yet – and they don’t care.

And don’t waste their time with small talk.

You want to be like a great movie – get right to the action.


How to Set Your Hook

I promised to share with you a magic sales opener.

And that’s what I’m going to do.

But if you’re looking for a single statement that you can use over and over for any audience… it doesn’t work like that.

It’s a bit more work.  But it IS magic.

The legendary sales copywriter, Robert Collier, put it best…

“Always enter the conversation already occurring in the prospect’s mind.”

He was talking about advertising, but the same is true with cold calling.

You need to immediately connect with the desires and the problems that keep playing over and over in the prospect’s mind.

Let’s say you sell business consulting to dentists.

The WRONG way to go about this is to call and say…

“Hey, this is Grant.  I’d like to show you a way to get 20 more dental patients a month.”


Because most dentists are sick of looking in people’s mouths all day.  And the last thing they want is more patients.

That’s why you need to understand your audience.

A better opener for this target market is…

“Hey, this is Grant.  I helped Tom over in the next town bring in 10 new all-on-four patients last quarter – without spending any money on advertising.  Now he’s making more money and taking a lot more time off.  I think I can do the same for you.”

You get the idea.  Once you really understand your audience, you can speak their language.  You know their problems – and their desires.

That’s how you create a magic opener.

Now get to work creating one for your target market.

Keeping it real,

– Grant

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