Lyndon Arendse 10X Hub Entrepreneur

As the 10X Hub incubation program continues to mentor entrepreneurs in South Africa, we’re kicking off a brand new series to showcase their inspiring stories. The first go-getter on our radar is Lyndon Arendse, whose journey is sure to inspire business owners of all ages…

At 21, many young people choose to spend their time socializing, relaxing, and partying.

However, this certainly isn’t the case for Lyndon Arendse.

Although he’s only easing into adulthood, Lyndon has already set his sights on developing a prosperous business. And equipped with a fantastic work ethic, contagious positivity, and 10X training resources, he’s well on his way to success.

Man at Arms

As a rising entrepreneur, Arendse found opportunity in the local cleaning industry. Therefore, he decided to start his own pressure cleaning and washing business.

Despite initially struggling to come up with the right name for his service, he now proudly shares it as “Man at Arms”.

And since being a part of the 10X Hub, he’s already bringing his dream venture to life.

“I have actually progressed from the ideation phase into physically starting to run and operate my business.”

— Lyndon Arendse on his business growth with the 10X Hub

Now, Lyndon feels stimulated to approach his business is a completely different way.

However, the passion he now strategically builds upon has been in him all along.

“I believe that passion fuels your dedication and commitment.” — Lyndon Arendse

When it comes to attitude, the young entrepreneur truly embodies everything 10X stands for.

“You have to remain determined to succeed,” Arendse says on the topic of business mindset. “And you have to be willing to walk the extra mile,” he adds, doubling down on his commitment.

Lyndon Arendse 10X Hub Entrepreneur

Additionally, Lyndon shares how he has always been inspired by cleaning, but also his father, who is currently a firefighter.

“Both these passions culminated into the idea of having my own business,” he explains. “So, I saved up to purchase my own pressure washer.”

With such a proactive, hard-working, and determined approach to entrepreneurship, we’re certain this is only the beginning for Lyndon Arendse’s thriving business!

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