Recently, news came out that a European lottery winner donated more than $200 million of his winnings. 

The EuroMillions win occurred on December 11, 2020. It was a prize of 200 million euros — 217 million U.S. dollars — and was the highest amount offered as an award at the time. 

However, the sizable winnings became public knowledge owing to the creation of an endowment fund. The lottery winner created the fund to donate the majority of his winnings more effectively. 

But who is the generous EuroMillions lottery winner who decided to donate?

Although the act itself is admirable, there is not much information available about the person who scored the lucky ticket. However, a public detail is that a man who resides in Southern France was the one who claimed the money. 

For lack of more public information, the European media have dubbed him “Guy” in publications related to the donated lottery money. 

A one in 140 million chance

There was only a one in 140 million chance “Guy” would win the record sum. Interestingly, the man has chosen to not to keep the majority of it to himself. In one of the few statements he has made to the media, this is what he said about his intentions with his funds. 

“I want to support and act with those who want to protect the living and the links that unite Man and nature in the long term.”

With that goal in mind, he created the Anyama Foundation, which revealed the story. The foundation‘s name takes after a small town in Cote d’Ivoire, France. 

The winner intends to use the money in the fund for environmental preservation efforts. Reportedly, “Guy” has been passionate about environmental causes for some time.  

In summary, money is a tool.

An amount that large could buy extravagant things. However, people can also use that money to help better the world we live in. It is refreshing to see it put towards the latter. 

H/T: Positive News U.S.

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