Looking For 2075-2080 Pullback

The Dow jones industrial average was up 15 points today. I am looking for the s&ps to pull back between 2075-2085, that should work off the oversold condition and set up a great long pattern on the daily charts. If that happens names like AAPL, HD, SBUX, MMM, DIS, should all set up and follow the same pattern. That next move up should push the markets to new highs again, even if that happens if I was a long term investor I would be looking to sell into that rally. There are 3 huge gaps below that I think will get filled in the next few months. Gold was up 6 and no clear pattern in the daily charts yet. I am looking for a short pattern on gold on the daily charts. Oil was up 1.80 today and oil had gotten over sold on the daily charts yesterday hitting lows of 48.43. Oil is a range here and I need to see if oil can retest the lows near 49 where I would maybe think of buying for a very fast trade using a 46.70 stop.


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