Unbreakable Business Challenge Live Updates

From January 24-28 and on bonus day 01/31, Grant Cardone and his special guest experts will go LIVE every day for the Unbreakable Business Challenge. And the GCTV Team will be documenting all the major moments for you as they unfold.

Over these knowledge-packed days, you’ll get the tools to recession-proof your business straight from world-class specialists:

Keep reading to stay up-to-date with our all-star speakers as they take the screen…

DAY 5: SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 2023 πŸ‘‡

4:05 PM: Grant, Brandon, Jarrod, and Pete dive into the Day 5 VIP Q&A session.

3:46 PM: Grant recaps all five days of the live Unbreakable Business Challenge for attendees, sharing the key takeaways from the event.

3:30 PM: Grant deconstructs how the 10X Team built the live Unbreakable Business Challenge and System using the same principles taught in detail in the program β€” Money Mindset, Marketing, Communication, Sales, Scale.

3:25 PM: After concluding the interview with Robert, Grant breaks down the $997 store credit bonus offered within the Unbreakable Business System that goes away tonight.

3:15 PM: BREAKING β€” Grant invites Robert Herjavec to be a guest speaker at 10X Growth Conference 2023 β€” and he accepts.

2:45 PM – 3:18 PM: Within the fireside conversation, Robert drops massive wisdom ranging from business and scaling to life and personal growth.

Some of the perspective-shifting statements about mindset, leadership, and even real estate that Robert shared with attendees include:

  • “You can’t become great unless you start the journey.”
  • “The smaller you are, the poorer you are, the less privileged you are be β€” the more focused you need to be.”
  • “A bargain on a bad property is not a bargain.”
  • “Anything I’ve learned has expanded my ability.”
  • “Have a goal. Write it down. Go for it.”
  • “If you’re hard on yourself, life will be easy.”
  • “Life is about scale. Marketing is amplification.”
  • “Failure is temporary, but success can last forever.”
  • “The regret of failure and letting the people you love down is worse than failure.”
  • “It’s not how many times you fail, it’s how you get up and become unbreakable.”

2:43 PM: Grant sits down to interview Robert Herjavec for the live Unbreakable Business Challenge.

2:15: Pete Vargas returns to the stage and challenges attendees to commit to making their businesses unbreakable in 2023.

2:05 PM: Brandon shares an analogy that reflects his first business experience.

Small-town kid comes to work in sales for Grant Cardone. Buys land to build his first home. As he keeps making money, he builds the house higher and higher. Storey after storey, and even a rooftop pool. He throws a party to celebrate… and the house collapses.

The big takeaway? If you don’t get the engineering of your business right, you’ll collapse.

2:00 PM: Brandon explains the Breakpoints in Business:

  • Start Up β€” What β€” $100K-3M
  • Process creation β€” Who β€” $3M-8M
  • Core Leadership β€” How β€” $8M-15M
  • Automated Systems β€” Who β€” $15M-25M
  • Executive Leadership β€” How β€” $25M-45M
  • Integrated Technology β€” $45M-75M
  • Platform Co. β€” $75M-125M

1:40 PM: Brandon reveals The 10 Elements of Scale. Strategy. Marketing. Sales. Operations. Finance. People. Leadership. Data. Technology. Investment Thesis.

1:32 PM: Brandon shares a series of powerful personal stories. For example, he went from being voted “Least Likely to Succeed” in high school… to selling a company for $151 million.

1:26 PM: Grant introduces Brandon Dawson β€” CEO & Cofounder of Cardone Ventures β€” to the stage to mentor attendees on scaling.

1:24 PM: Grant encourages attendees to start thinking bigger while breaking down the principles of scaling. He also recaps the Million-dollar Math shared earlier in the live Unbreakable Business Challenge, as well as the 1% Club goal.

1:20 PM: Grant Cardone enters the stage to introduce today’s Unbreakable Scale training.

1:15 PM: Pete announces the winners for last night’s homework β€” Iman J. won the iPad Pro and Vanesa M. won a set of AirPods.

Pete also uncovers the next round of prizes, which include an all-expenses paid trip to 10X Growth Conference in Las Vegas and another $10,000 in cash, among others.

1:02 PM: Pete Vargas opens day 5 of the LIVE Unbreakable Business Challenge!

He shares how we’ve given away over $200,000 in prizes so far and announces the guest experts of the day β€” Robert Herjavec, Brandon Dawson, and Grant Cardone.

Pete continues to reveal the signed “The 10X Rule” book winners, as well as the 10 attendees who each received $1,000 for last night’s homework.

DAY 4: FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2023 πŸ‘‡

3:37 PM: Elena, Grant, and Pete dive into the Day 4 VIP Q&A session.

3:34 PM: Pete reveals #HomeworkDay4 β€” Create Your Sales Dream List.

3:30 PM: Pete announces the massive bonuses for Day 4 of the Unbreakable Business Challenge.

3:23 PM: Grant and Pete join Elena on stage to continue the conversation about becoming unbreakable in 2023.

3:04 PM: Elena reveals the three important actions she and Grant took to get on the same page.

2:55 PM: Elena demonstrates the power of commitment by sharing the story of how Grant spent 13 months following up before he finally won her over.

Shortly after, she describes their experience as a couple through the 2008 financial collapse, which resulted in the bestselling “The 10X Rule” book.

2:50 PM: Grant welcomes his wife, Elena Cardone, to the stage to talk about his greatest sale of all β€” their empire-building partnership.

2:26 PM: Grant reveals his full strategy for creating a program and product release, using the Unbreakable Business System as an example.

2:12 PM: Grant puts the circle of completion into action through a conversation with an Unbreakable Business Challenge live attendee, Jim.

2:05 PM: Grant explains the circle of completion β€” interest, problem, solution, interested again, stuck, close. If you don’t complete the circle, the close doesn’t take place.

1:54 PM: Grant walks the audience through a live exercise for handling objections, using reasons for not buying from virtual attendees.

1:42 PM: Grant breaks down what he calls Inquisition Closes β€” asking if people don’t have the confidence, commitment, authority, or money to purchase.

1:30 PM: Grant challenges attendees to choose between $1,000,000 or 1,000,000 people. He goes on to explain how converting just 5% of the million people could lead to the one million dollars.

1:20 PM: Pete introduces Grant Cardone to the stage to uncover his Unbreakable Sales method.

1:12 PM: Pete announces the next round of 10 winners who won $1,000 each for their signature videos.

In addition, Pete congratulates Cameron J. as the winner of the all-expenses paid trip to 10X Growth Conference in Las Vegas for his incredible homework submission.

1:01 PM: Pete Vargas opens day 4 of the LIVE Unbreakable Business Challenge!

DAY 3: THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2023 πŸ‘‡

3:42 PM: T.D. Jakes and Pete Vargas sit down for the Day 3 VIP Q&A session.

3:30 PM: Pete Vargas returns and announces that the VIP Q&A Session with T.D. Jakes will be viewable for all attendees.

2:48 PM – 3:29 PM: Discover the most insightful golden nuggets from Bishop T.D. Jakes’s passionate communication training πŸ‘‡

3:27 PM: “You shall have whatever you say. Rise up to the mic.”

3:26 PM: “The mic is in your hands, and that is the rudder that steers the ship.”

3:25 PM: “Nobody is going to invest in you until you care about us.”

3:24 PM: “Why have to get out of the poverty of speech and engage people in such a way that they are inspired, invigorated, motivated.”

3:23 PM: “Every time you post, every time you speak β€” the world is listening. The world has turned its head to hear what you have to say.”

3:22 PM: “If you have a vision you can fulfill by yourself, it is not worthy of you.”

3:21 PM: “Currency flows, language flows, content flows. You have to think, speak, and listen globally. Find your audience and think globally.”

3:19 PM: There’s something inside of you that says, ‘there’s more to me than you see.’ So let’s talk about it.”

3:18 PM: “The roadmap must be an alignment between your actions and your speech.”

3:16 PM: “We talk at people instead of to them. To talk to them, we have to listen.”

3:15 PM: “Great communication is dependant on great listening.”

3:14 PM: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been.”

3:13 PM: “It’s okay to be disrupted if you’re going to see the progress and growth you want to see.”

3:12 PM: “Uncertainty is expansion.”

3:11 PM: “You cannot be sensitive and successful. If you’re going to be sensitive, you can give up on becoming successful.”

3:07 PM: “You are learning the language that takes you into the room so when the door opens up, you’re ready.”

3:05 PM: “If you stop talking about it, you stop being about it.”

3:03 PM: “Mindsets determine assets. We must be willing to shatter the norm to get into what’s next.”

2:59 PM: “Your language has to embrace your next while your life is in your now.”


2:48 PM: Jarrod welcomes Bishop T.D. Jakes to the Unbreakable Business Challenge live stage!

2:25 PM: Pete brings Jarrod back on stage and announces #HomeworkDay3 β€” a 1 Minute Signature Talk.

2:05 PM: Pete continues with his signature method, the Storyboard Framework.

1:52 PM: Pete shares the first of the two frameworks he has in store for attendees β€” The 4 Cs to getting unlimited customers.

  1. Clarity
  2. Confidence
  3. Communication
  4. Customers

1:42 PM: Among the many communication insights Pete reveals, he emphasizes health, wealth, and relationships as driving forces for customer conversations. In business, you’re always helping people in one of these three broad categories.

1:28 PM: Jarrod welcomes Pete Vargas to the stage to share a powerful framework for becoming a world-class communicator in business.

1:13 PM: Jarrod shares the latest details about the Unbreakable Business Challenge prizes. Not only have we given away a total of $50,000 in prizes so far, but 10 hard-working attendees were just awarded $1,000 each. Additionally, he announced the winner of the Macbook, Jessa P.

To wrap up the updates, Jarrod states that the next ones up are an all-expenses paid trip to 10X Growth Conference 2023 as a VIP ticket holder, plus $20,000 in cash prizes.

1:02 PM: Jarrod Glandt, President of Grant Cardone Enterprises, kicks off day 3 of the LIVE Unbreakable Business Challenge! Jarrod speaks about the importance of setting massive goals, developing money-making skills, and mastering communication.


3:23 PM: Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone, and Pete Vargas sit down for the Day 2 VIP Q&A session.

3:15 PM: Pete Vargas returns to the stage and announces the next round of prizes for unbreakable 10X’ers, as well as the homework for Day 2 of the Unbreakable Business Challenge.

2:54 PM: Russell breaks down his full process for creating a highly effective break-even funnel.

2:41 PM: Russell shares all the components that go into successful Marketing Math.

2:36 PM: Shortly after beginning his training session, Russell already reveals a critical rule of marketing.

2:32 PM: Pete Vargas introduces Russell Brunson to the live Unbreakable Business Challenge stage.

2:28 PM: The 5 Pillars of Unbreakable Marketing are fully revealed:

  • Marketing is senior to sales
  • Money follows attention
  • Assume no one sees it
  • Speed is senior to quality
  • Frequency builds trust

2:17 PM: Following up on the Google Trends visual, Grant shares an additional graphic demonstrating how his companies’ revenue increased over the same time span.

Money follows attention.

2:01 PM: Grant shares a graphic showing interest over time for the term Grant Cardone on Google Trends to introduce the concept of money following attention.

1:52 PM: Grant continues with another exercise showing that “who” is more important than “how” or “what” β€” in marketing and in business alike.

1:33 PM: Grant guides participants through a powerful exercise to understand the power of social media.

First, Grant told the audience to post the following statement, hashtag, and tag on Twitter.

“I am committed to getting #10Xrich @grantcardone”

Minutes later, #10XRich was #1 Trending on Twitter.

1:26 PM: Grant Cardone takes the stage and dives straight into must-know marketing insights for business owners.

1:13 PM: Pete congratulates Yesha N., the first official winner of the massive prizes offered within the challenge. Yesha received an all-expenses paid trip to 10X Growth Conference 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1:03 PM: Pete Vargas welcomes attendees to Day 2 of the LIVE Unbreakable Business Challenge!

Vargas reports the incredible stats from Day 1, with more than 500,000 views and 871,000 comments from worldwide 10X’ers.

DAY 1: TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2023 πŸ‘‡

3:23 PM: Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone, and Pete Vargas sit down for the Day 1 VIP Q&A session.

3:15 PM: Pete Vargas uncovers the 4 Components of the Unbreakable Business System: Curriculum, Coaching, Customized Game Plan, and Critical Think. Click HERE to unlock the Unbreakable Business System.

2:57 PM: Pete Vargas returns to the stage and shares all the details about the cash prizes offered in the live Unbreakable Business Challenge.

2:45 PM: Grant starts breaking down what goes into Million-Dollar Math.

2:29 PM: Grant walks attendees through a high-impact Money Mindset exercise.

2:06 PM: Grant introduces the 5 Pillars of an Unbreakable Business: Money Mindset, Marketing, Sales, Communication, and Scaling.

1:57 PM: Grant brings Jarrod Glandt to the stage and shares a portion of their come-up story together.

1:41 PM: Grant Cardone enters the Unbreakable Business Challenge live stream! In his introduction, Grant speaks about his humble beginnings, gratitude for his family, and what 10X truly means.

1:32 PM: Elena Cardone takes the stage and shares the powerful story of how Grant created the Unbreakable Business concept.

1:26 PM: Pete Vargas announces a surprise jam-packed bonus day for attendees β€” Tuesday, January 31st, from 1 PM to 7 PM EST.

1:16 PM: Pete Vargas reveals some of the 10X prizes in store for Unbreakable Business Challenge attendees.

1:12 PM: Pete Vargas opens the live Unbreakable Business Challenge! Vargas also makes the exciting announcement that for every 100,000 comments, we will be giving away prizes.

1:00 PM: Jarrod Glandt, President of Grant Cardone Enterprises, shares a behind-the-scenes look on set and an important message.

11:53 AM: Attendees from around the world are already connecting and networking in the event’s live chat. Click here to join them.

11:16 AM: First glimpse into the live stream set of the Unbreakable Business Challenge.

9:58 AM: The 10X Team adds the finishing touches to the Unbreakable Business Challenge set.

We’re ready for lights, camera, action at 1 PM EST!

Unbreakable Business Challenge Live Setup

πŸ‘‰ Tune in HERE to experience the Unbreakable Business Challenge LIVE.

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