Over the weekend, the GCTV team captured all the major moments that went down live at 10X Growth Conference 2022. Check out what massive guest speakers went on stage and delivered 10X motivation and knowledge to the sold-out audience.

DAY 3: SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2022 👇

2:11 PM: Elena Cardone introduces her daughter, Scarlett Cardone, and she shares a heartwarming story.

Scarlett Cardone at 10X Growth Conference 2022

11:36 AM: Rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur Rick Ross makes a surprise appearance as a celebrity speaker on the 10X Growth Conference 2022 stage!

Rick Ross at 10X Growth Conference 2022

10:54 AM: Power couple Glenn and Mindy Stearns join Elena and Grant Cardone on stage for a conversation fueled with massive motivation.

9:42 AM: Tim Storey — Celebrity Life Coach, Author, and Speaker — kicks off day three with an inspiration-packed speech.

Tim Storey at 10X Growth Conference 2022

DAY 2: SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2022 👇

4:06 PM: Lloyd Blankfein — Former Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs for 12 years — tells his story of growing up in public housing to generating $500 billion for the second largest investment bank in the world.

Lloyd Blankfein and Grant Cardone

3:20 PM: Aengus James — Executive Producer of Undercover Billionaire — sits down with Grant Cardone for an insightful discussion.

2:04 PM: Stormy Wellington — Founder and CEO of Girl Hold My Hand, Inc. — lights up the 10X Growth Conference 2022 stage with a high-energy keynote.

Stormy Wellington and Grant Cardone

11:09 AM: Pete Vargas — CEO of Advance Your Reach — shares strategies for landing and winning stages.

Pete Vargas at 10X Growth Conference 2022

10:55 AM: 12-year-old Sabrina Cardone surprises the audience with an inspirational story.

Sabrina Cardone at 10X Growth Conference 2022

10:09 AM: Robert Given — Executive Vice Chairman, Capital Markets for Cushman & Wakefield — walks on stage for an information-rich conversation on real estate with Grant Cardone.

Robert Given and Grant Cardone

9:15 AM: Bishop TD Jakes — ‘America’s Best Preacher’, Senior Pastor of a 30,000-member church — opens the second day of 10X Growth Conference with a powerful keynote.

Bishop Jakes at 10X Growth Conference 2022

DAY 1: FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2022 👇

7:30 PM: Rapper T.I. performs live on stage at Grant Cardone’s birthday party with Diamond and Premier guests at the Diplomat pool.

Rapper T.I. and Grant Cardone 10X Growth Conference 2022

5:02 PM: Tilman Fertitta — Chairman & Owner of Landry’s, Golden Nugget Casinos, and the NBA’s Houston Rockets — shares his business insights in the dining, hospitality, entertainment, and gaming industries.

Tilman Fertitta and Grant Cardone at 10X Growth Conference

4:05 PM: Jordan Fried — Chairman and CEO of Immutable Holdings, which operates NFT.com and 1800Bitcoin.com — talks to Jarrod Glandt about the blockchain space.

Jordan Fried 10X Growth Conference 2022

3:16 PM: Gary Brecka — Human Biologist, Bio-hacker, and Co-founder of 10X Health System — speaks about health and wellbeing.

Gary Brecka at 10X Growth Conference 2022

2:22 PM: Elena Cardone — bestselling author and major player in EXP Realty — begins her 10X Growth Conference 2022 keynote.

Elena Cardone at 10X Growth Conference 2022

11:23 AM: Donald J. Trump — 45th President of the United States — takes the stage as the BIGGEST speaker in the history of 10X Growth Conference.

10:30 AM: Brandon Dawson — Cofounder & CEO of Cardone Ventures — speaks about how to scale your business to 10X levels.

10:00 AM: Jarrod Glandt — President of Grant Cardone Enterprises — introduces attendees to the 10X Universe.

Jarrod Glandt at 10X Growth Conference 2022

9:15 AM: Grant Cardone welcomes audience to 10X Growth Conference 2022.

Grant Cardone welcome audience to 10X Growth Conference 2022

8:30 AM: ELEW opens the event with a live piano performance.

Pianist ELEW performing live at 10X Growth Conference 2022

8:00 AM: Open doors

6:00 AM: Networking Breakfast

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