Big Brothers Big Sisters

Social media has truly infiltrated every area of our lives. It even affects our ability to get a job! For that reason, we gave LinkedIn lessons to our “Littles” for our third session of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Broward County. 

On December 13, the 17 seniors from Hallandale Magnet High School returned to the 10X Headquarters for the School to Work Program. 

The CTTI mentors taught the young men and women the importance of building a professional presence on social media. Namely, they focused on the networking platform, LinkedIn

Naturally, we had our in-house expert give a detailed presentation in true 10X style… 

BBBS Littles Learn LinkedIn Lessons from the Pros

To kick off the day, CTTI social media manager, Saad Qureshi, shared a comprehensive presentation on social media as a whole. This exhibition then zoned into creating an appropriate online presence, plus the ins and outs of LinkedIn. 

After covering the basics, the 10X Team Bigs broke off with their Littles to walk them through signing up and building out their LinkedIn profiles

With a printed step-by-step handout Saad created as a guide, each pair successfully created an account for the students (and maybe improved their own). 

However, the session was not entirely business

There’s Always Time for Holiday Fun

Because this was the last time the Bigs and Littles would meet before the holiday season, the 10X mentors had a surprise for the teens… 

Once the LinkedIn profiles were all set up, the mentors gave their assigned highschooler a special gift based on their interests

Fashionable clothes, sports equipment, and books were all part and parcel of the gift-giving. The students’ gratitude and appreciation were truly heart-warming. 

Christmas Gifts for Our Littles

At the end of the day, it was another enriching and educational experience for the BBBS School to Work program collaboration with the Grant Cardone Foundation. 

We can’t wait to share what our next sessions have in store! 

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