Urgency sells. It creates a sensation in people that can make them act sooner rather than later. Potential customers may feel they must buy now or miss out on a great opportunity. Sales increase as a direct result of this urgency.

One of the greatest Sales Secrets of all is urgency. If there is none, there is no close.

A lack of urgency can cost you millions of dollars without you realizing it.

Regardless of your profession or industry, you must know how to close by creating genuine urgency. Here’s how.

The urgency factor is more mental than anything for sales

The key to urgency is not what you say but how you make people feel.

If you can make someone feel like they need to buy something right now, you’re well on your way to closing.

It’s about getting into someone’s head and making them feel like they need to take action.

Handle the ‘why’

If your prospect is giving you objections, ask them, “why?”

‘Why’ is the most powerful three-letter word in sales.

  • Why won’t they buy now?
  • Why didn’t they buy it two weeks ago?
  • Why this product right now?

For more scripts and role playing exercise that will help you handle objections, schedule a meeting with my team to learn more about my Cardone University sales training programs.

Solve a problem

Prospects approach you because they have a problem that needs solving.

Building urgency in sales means you can solve that problem faster and easier for someone. 

People want solutions because they provide them relief. They no longer have to worry, stress, or feel pain.

Your job is to find their problem and show them how your product or service can remove that negativity. Take whatever weight off their shoulders that they may be experiencing. 

Once you know the “why” and the problem, transform them into an actionable strategy. For example, you can create urgency through time-limited offers, fear of loss, or social proof.

All in all, when done correctly, urgency can be an effective way to increase conversion rates and sales. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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