Lee-James Cupido, 10X Hub Entrepreneur

After sharing Lee-James Cupido’s victorious story in February, we’re back with updates on his journey with the 10X Hub. And even in the face of ongoing adversity, the go-getting entrepreneur continues to prosper in the business world…

At 25 years old, Lee-James Cupido has dealt with countless personal and professional challenges. However, he has conquered every obstacle in his path, from health to business and beyond.

Armed with the attitude of a true champion, Lee-James is a proud cancer survivor and successful business owner.

Although he has battled the illness multiple times over the years, he always came out stronger on the other side.

For example, in 2022 alone, he fought another round of cancer, 8X-ed his business, and even got married!

Now, Lee-James Cupido is more committed than ever to scaling his entrepreneurial efforts.

And his extraordinary progress so far proves he will continue to make it happen…

“My business showed growth of over 800% since I got involved.” — Lee-James Cupido

Despite having to pause operations due to health issues, Cupido has grown his company more than 800 times with the 10X Hub in South Africa.

“I’m focused on making that 800%, 8000% in the time to come,” he states, demonstrating the essence of 10X.

In the process of building and expanding his business, LJC Customs, Lee-James has added numerous skills to his portfolio. Diligent research, accountability, and persistence all shine as powerful lessons he learned within the incubation program.

As we look forward to keeping up with Lee-James Cupido’s impressive journey as a 10X entrepreneur, we’ll leave you with his own powerful words:

“This is my story and there are still more chapters to come. I am very thankful for everyone who has supported me. […] I will continue to be in and out as I have to continue with my treatment. However, I will take time to smile, enjoy, and be grateful. I urge you to do the same. Yes, I am scared, but also brave. All these emotions are in shark contrast with each other, but I will most definitely continue to fight.”

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