Everyone has a leadership style, but what’s important is knowing how to make it even better. 

Today, I’m going to be talking about three different types of leadership styles — transformational, coach-style, and influential leadership —and how to 10X each one. 

Although there are more types of leadership styles out there, these are some that my mentors and I have talked about in the past.

Transformational leadership

Both Grant and I will tell you that diamonds are made under pressure. And some of the best employees will reveal themselves during those times. 

Transformational leadership is about shifting and improving. It’s about going to the next level. It’s about truly 10X-ing!

But here’s the thing — you don’t want to take this as a sign to start commanding. If you’re going to stretch your employees’ rubber bands, make sure you’re willing to stretch yours, too. Show them how it’s done and lead by example

That’s the only way you’ll authentically transform your team, leadership, and business. 

Coach-style leadership

Instead of commanding your team, coach them. 

Your business needs someone who focuses on strategy and knows how to play at people’s strengths. The most effective coaches show their team the way.

Coach-style leadership is more hands-on, often offering guidance and always providing constructive feedback. In turn, this allows for a solid team foundation.

Influential leadership

My greatest mentor and friend, John C. Maxwell says the following about leadership:

“Leadership is influence. Nothing else, nothing more.”

Whether we realize it or not, we influence people to do things. And if you’re in a position of leadership — especially as a business owner — you need to think about your influence. 

Being a leader is not as easy as people think. Delegating to a team is one thing, but leading them is a whole other ball game.

You’re in the position to help change lives and help others succeed. 

And that’s a great power that comes with great responsibility. 

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