The difference between leader vs boss is loud and clear — for those who know what true leadership looks like.

People assume that being a boss is the ultimate goal. They think that having people report to you and telling others what to do make you a good business owner. 

But this is all wrong.

You see, people want to be led, not bossed. They want to learn, not be micro-managed. 

And if you want to build a strong team that moves the business forward, then you need to learn how to be a leader that inspires rather than a boss that belittles. 

Leaders coach, bosses abdicate

Let me ask you this — do you like being told what to do?

Nobody does — including me, which is why I went and started my own company. 

But the most valuable lesson I learned when I first started out in business is that people follow the leader. Not the boss. 

People want to be inspired, they want to be coached and prepped for success.

I’ve said this before — and I’ll continue to say it — but if you want to be an admirable leader, you will do everything in your power to make others’ successes easier

Once you understand that concept, you will start to see that your relationship with with your team changes — for the better. 

The Rule of Three

My golden Rule of Three in business states that once you’ve mastered how to do something, you need to document your process for it and perfect how to do it three more times by teaching others what you know. 

Pretty simple, right?

So, let’s say you’ve discovered that a certain sales process works really well for you and your company. You want to go ahead and document the process, master it, and then teach three other people how to do the same thing. 

Then, those three people will eventually master what you taught them, and teach others how to do it, too. 

In doing so, you ensure that every person in your organization not only understands their role, but they duplicate their efforts for success.

Self-reflection is important

As a business owner and leader, I know that the only way I’m going to continue to grow and improve myself is by reflecting on how I can be better. 

The question you need to ask yourself is, “how can I make things easier for my team? How can I properly set them up for success?”

Because you see, when you start to realize that your people are the most important part of your business — only then will you be a leader, not a boss. 

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