Lead generation

Lead generation starts and ends… with people.

In my opinion, businesses overqualify their leads.

They spend way too much time and money trying to find the “perfect customer.” In doing so, they restrict their audience to the point where it’s hurting their business more than helping it.

For example, some companies only target a female demographic. Why would I want to isolate my audience and address only 50% of my prospects when I can tailor my messaging to everyone?

When you focus on too small of a niche, you’re never going to win.

This is the biggest mistake I made in the first 15 years of my career. Then, I realized I had to grow and scale to achieve massive success.

These are the foolproof lead generation hacks that helped me do it.

21st century lead generation rules

1No lead is a bad lead

Anyone in your personal or professional life can be a lead. Friends. Family members. Coworkers.

Every person can become an opportunity.

I suggest working from the people who are closest to you. After that, expand your circle. You’ll find that each of these people has several more people that could use your product or service.

Every customer should be used to get you more customers.

That’s how you 10X your contacts and turn them into contracts.

2Every lead should multiply

Once you have a customer base going, you always have to follow up with them and maintain the cycle.

Your job is to keep them interested, continue to provide information about new products, and consistently give them more. 

They’re already sold on what you’re selling, so the second time around will be a lot easier than the first.

3Speed to the lead is senior to everything

To perfect the lead generation process, you need to make sure you’re the fastest one to get to them.

If you’re not first, you’re last.

This brings me back to the huge importance of following up — and doing it the right way.

To put things into perspective, the average business takes nearly 72 hours to follow-up a lead. What would happen if you did this in the first 5 minutes after interacting with them? You’d increase your chances of closing by almost 900X!

All in all, lead generation is a straightforward process, but one that takes focus, repetition, and commitment. To take this skill to the next level for your business, sign up for our next Marketing Execution Workshop at 10X HQ.


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