If you are reading this, I know you want to step up your finance game. Earlier in this Make More Money series, I explained why growing within a company is more valuable than a higher salary. Now, I’m going to share my top job promotion strategies to help you get there.

Follow these tips, and you can create your own opportunities. 

1Find out what they want

First of all, if you want to get a promotion, you need to know what the company and executives prioritize.

If you can’t ask directly, pay attention or ask around. 

Curiosity unlocks potential.

Knowing what your company needs — then delivering it — puts you in the forefront of executives’ minds when it comes to earning a promotion. 


With this first tip in mind, learn everything you can about your company, your offers… hell, learn how to do every job there if you can. 

Positive attitude and commitment are great starting points. Nevertheless, somewhere down the line, you have to become great at what you do. 

Continually educating yourself is what is going to get you there. Then, you’ll start producing statistics that get attention. 

Performance — not being loud — is always going to be a winning job promotion strategy.

3Be exceptional, be promoted

Once you know what is important to your company and all the ins and outs, it’s time for you to become exceptional in whatever your current role is. 

When someone is performing extraordinarily well in any department, people notice — especially those in charge of higher positions. 

Start tracking your production even if you don’t have to. That is how you will measure your successful actions and get to the level where no one can ignore you. 

The most important part of job promotion strategies

Ultimately, these job promotion strategies depend on you becoming committed and skilled at what you do.

There are no tricks to it.

But that is the way you create wealth within an organization, not just make money.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone  


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