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Believe it or not, I do not believe that the cash is the most important part of a job offer. Of course, you have to keep compensation in mind. However, other factors will determine if the role is right for you in the long run. Ask yourself these questions first… 

What to Consider OTHER than Money in a Job Offer

Previously, I have shared that to get a job fast you should accept any employment. This is still true. (Your bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

But, taking any job offer within your organization or when looking to advance your career is another story…


At that point, it’s time to examine those opportunities more closely…

Will the role make you better? 

There are two things to go over before you accept a job offer. 

  1. Will it advance my career’s direction? 
  2. Will I learn new skills that can get me where I want to be? 

For example, a new role could offer more responsibilities…

Or, a position in another area could teach you skills that make you more valuable across departments… 

The concept here is thinking into the future. 

After all, the idea is you will be working with this company for a while. You don’t want to be stuck on a train going nowhere… 

Does this job get you in front of the right people?

Another question to ask yourself is how accepting a role can expand your network. 

If it is a position within your current company, does it get you closer to influential execs or clients? 

If outside, does it put you in the same room as thought leaders and respected members of your industry? 

Being around the right people can change your life — especially if they notice your abilities. Sometimes that is worth taking a job offer alone like this intern for Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Nevertheless, I have one more piece of advice for you… 

Final Criteria of a GREAT Job Offer 

The final “what-if” you should consider is if the new role will challenge you as well as spark your creativity. 

Because what ultimately makes a company strong is one that pushes its employees to do more at a higher level. 

In short, don’t accept a job offer that won’t keep you on your toes. 

For one, it is a bad sign if an organization is not in demand. And on top of that, it is a disservice to your potential. 

Make sure whatever offer you take allows you to be great. 

— Grant Cardone 

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