What’s wrong with the job market?

We have massive numbers of people voluntarily leaving their jobs. It’s so big now we are calling it the Great Resignation and it covers almost every generation and industry.

From millennials to baby boomers, from healthcare to Wall Street, people with secure jobs and bright futures are walking away from their jobs.


The state of the job market

For many of them, it was when the pandemic started two years ago. People started asking themselves, “what am I doing and why am I doing it?”

These two questions have always filled peoples’ minds.

But during and since the pandemic they are taking action like never before. According to the most recent Labor Department report, a record-breaking 4.3 million workers resigned in February 2022. This wrapped up a year when the job market saw approximately 47.4 million individuals quit their jobs.

Reality comes home quickly. Now what? I have to do something and I need money.

My employee count doubled

Supposedly there are more jobs than people who want to take them.

Yet in the same period of time all this happened, I doubled my employee count in our Miami and Scottsdale offices. And it wasn’t confined to one position but across the board.

C-level positions. Sales. Shipping. Technology. Finance. Health technicians. Nurses. Customer service people. Real estate analyst.

When Google, Facebook, and Apple were enforcing mandates on vaccines and masks, I ran job placement ads. They stated:

“Hiring all positions! Come work with me. we do NOT require employees to get vaccinated. We appreciate your creativity, hard work, and trust you will do what is right for your health!”

I had 400 job applications, including resumes and videos, in just the first 24 hours.

It’s clear — people want to work, despite ‘The Great Resignation’ headlines.

People are not lazy, they want to work at jobs where they get to win and create and learn.

People want to be treated fairly, contribute to something positive, and be offered an opportunity to make enough money to change the quality of their lives, a point seemingly forgotten by almost all big companies.

Change your message

To get traditional companies to even increase the minimum wage requires an act of congress. Apparently big business has lost touch with what it takes to simply survive, much less improve a family’s situation.

The bottom line is people need to work, want to work, and need to make money.

It’s great that your company is going to change the world. But people need to pay their rent, feed their families, and hopefully have some money left over to live their lives.

With inflation hitting every family in America at the pump, the grocery store, and in their rent, American companies need to change their message to reach the talent they believe is so difficult to attract.

Tips for hiring great people

1) Be committed to finding great people;

2) Reward people financially;

3) Offer opportunities for ordinary people to grow into great roles;

4) Demonstrate they are joining a winning and growing team;

5) Keep hiring and keep expanding;

6) Create a culture that can not be easily duplicated. 

Also, it is vital your company understands that people want to be on a winning team that is expanding and growing. Great people don’t want to be on a team going nowhere.

Create companies and opportunities that will continue to attract great people — not just profits.

When starting a new company, the first question I ask myself is, “can I get great people to want to make this company great?”

We also never hire for one company or any one position. Instead, we seek to hire great people and then find a position best suited for their skill set. 

How Grant Cardone Enterprises dominates the job market

Here is a current video we used to attract new talent to our companies during the GREAT Resignation to double our staff across all of our companies:

At Grant Cardone Enterprises, with offices in Miami and Scottsdale, we have 800 employees plus 1099 and remote positions in two dozen locations around the world. Some of our industries and companies are:

Send your 60-sec video and resume to careers@grantcardone.com and come work with me.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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