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Recently, we talked about Facebook ads and other forms of paid social media marketing. However, there is an option that can blow up your company — and it costs nothing. Now, let’s talk about how to dominate Instagram reels for business. 

A “reel” is a short video post on Instagram. This feature was added to the platform as a response to the popularity of TikTok

The advantage of reels is that they are shown to people based on their interests, not because they follow you or use certain hashtags. That alone makes Instagram reels a business game-changer. 

Here’s how you make these videos into monsters in your market. 

Get attention with trends

To start, you can make your reels based on trends. “Trend” reels have an additional advantage to reels in general.

People watching them are more likely to see yours if they watched another user use that same trend. 

Money follows attention.

Don’t be afraid to use trends in your Instagram reels to get your business that attention. More eyes on your business is key to making it in today’s market. 

An Instagram reel could be worth millions for your business 

Video will always be more powerful than a stagnant photo, especially today. For this reason, you should use Instagram reels for the majority of your business’ content. 

Some examples of the types of reels you should make are: 

  • Customer testimonials;
  • Tours of your offices;
  • “Behind the scenes” of how your product is made (if applicable);
  • Educating consumers about your business, employees, and offers.

In this way, you are always on your audience’s mind as well as being promoted to new prospects. 

In short, the biggest mistake you can make with social media marketing is not to do it at all. So get out there.

Instagram reels can do incredible things for your business. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone  


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