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Recently, I had some powerful insights about those who make more money…

It’s an unfortunate truth that the best product doesn’t always make the most money.

Just look at Coca-Cola.  

Is it the best-tasting drink on the market? 

Is it the most nutritious drink on the market?  

Does it even do the best job of hydrating your body?  

Of course not. 

If you measure Coca-Cola against any of these factors it is not the best product.  Not by a long shot! 

And yet…

Coca-Cola has consistently ranked as the #1 drink brand worldwide.

They must have some insights on how to make more money…

And it has a brand value of over $74 billion dollars. 

So, what gives?

How does a product, like Coca-Cola, become the world’s #1 drinks brand – when it is not the best product?

I’ll tell you exactly how in the video I just uploaded

In it, I share how Coca-Cola dominates the drinks market… 

And the key lessons you can put to work in your business – so you can make more money and expand your impact.  

Here’s the link to check out the video

Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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