If you’re not a quitter like others in “The Great Resignation” wave, there’s no better time to learn how to double down and increase your job salary.

As an employer, I have no problem with rewarding those who are producing income for my company.

So, as long as you’re contributing to the company and can work out a better deal for yourself, you should do it. 

However, you have to know how to ask the right way.

Let’s dive into the dos and don’ts of increasing your job salary. 

How to NOT increase your job salary

To begin with, I want to get the things you shouldn’t do out of the way.

The following phrases — or variations of them — in your job salary increase pitch will put your employer on the defense and less likely to hear you out:

  • I deserve more money.
  • I’ve been here X many years.
  • I work hard.
  • This other person makes X amount of money more…
  • If I don’t get X more, I’ll have to look for work elsewhere.

You never want to give your employer a problem. To increase your salary, you have to approach it a different way. 

Ask the right questions

Instead of just asking your boss for more money, you should ask them how you can bring more value to the company. Then, you can ask for a bigger paycheck. 

As opposed to the phrases above, check these out: 

  • What is your opinion of my work so far? — This gives you an idea what position you are in to negotiate an increased job salary. 
  • What can I do for the company that you could pay me X more money? — Offer value and solutions
  • Let’s make a deal. If I can reach this target, you agree to X salary increase. — You are assuming responsibility and takes pressure off your employer. Also, they love performance-based compensation. 

I’ll give you one last tip before you go in there. Know exactly how much you want before you have this meeting. Having a clear target in mind will help increase your job salary. 

In life, you get what you ask for. Go ask for the pay raise the right way. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone  

This is the first piece in an ongoing weekly series called Make More Money, where I’ll be sharing my top tips and tricks to 10X your income. Drop a comment with other money-making topics you’d be interested in reading about 👇


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